Oliver Stone on “Jewish domination of the media”

Occasionally, thinly veiled covers for anti-Semitic invectives wear down, and the explicit hate is laid bare for all to see. Many of us have noted a disturbing ideological trend, in which classic anti-Semitic tropes about the dangers of Jewish power and influence in politics have become increasingly popular by some on the Left – rendering such bigotry nearly banal within some circles.

Typically, this narrative is advanced using the rhetoric of human rights and anti-imperialism, and carefully avoids making such charges against Jews as such – referring instead to the injurious effects of the “Israel Lobby.”

Glenn Greenwald,  who blogs at, (and is a member in good standing of the Walt and Mearsheimer brigade of “dissidents” who bravely “expose” the injurious effects of the organized Jewish community on the American body politic) has honed such furtive rhetoric to an art.

However, even his respectable veneer has occasionally been eroded.  In 2007, he said

“…the influence of self-proclaimed “pro-Israeli” American Jewish groups in helping to push the country into what looks more and more every day to be an inevitable conflict with Iran is very significant and cannot be ignored.”

Antony Lerman, writing in Comment is Free, in defense of C4s documentary which “investigated” The Israel Lobby, stated cooly that wealthy British Jews are indeed linked to “payments of large sums of money to politicians, power and influence.”

And, as any reader of CiF Watch is well aware, reader comment threads in response to almost any Israel-related essay at Comment is Free often reveal a slew of vile accusations that the UK is held captive by the organized Jewish community.

Oliver Stone – film-maker, conspiracy enthusiast, and ardent defender of South AmericaNarco-Terrorist Movements – has recently “revealed” the real reason there is so much “talk” about Jewish victims of The Holocaust.  (Hint: It apparently has nothing to do with natural human compassion for the millions of innocent victims, which included 1.5 million children, slaughtered by the Nazi regime.)

From an interview with Oliver Stone in The Sunday Times (Courtesy of Normblog):

The 10-part documentary [which Stone is planning] will address Stalin and Hitler “in context”, he says. “Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support.”

He also seeks to put his atrocities in proportion: “Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30m.”

Why such a focus on the Holocaust then? “The Jewish domination of the media,” he says. “There’s a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy for years.”

I can assure the readers of this blog that CiF Watch’s cadre of writers are indeed very hard workers, and, fully intend to continue staying on top of every comment inspired by such bigotry – this insidious, and seemingly immutable, belief that the Jewish community represents some sort of organic obstacle to peace and progress in our time.

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  1. Oliver Stone’s idiotic JFK flick alone is reason to judge him one strange guy – he based his film on the ravings of the discredited Jim Garrison. Next he’ll be telling us that the earth is flat.

  2. It’s been said before but nevertheless, if Jews are so efficient in media domination, how come they are so lousy are stopping tripe from the likes of Oliver Stone?

    Are we talking classic “Hidden Hand” conspiracy theorists here – ie they are SO GOOD at it that they leave no trace??

  3. I am always fascinated with the accusation that jews have all the money and control everything (or whatever it is that certain groups insist we control) Are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey jewish, they seem to have lots of money and control alot of stuff? It seems to me that even if one jew was wealthy that would be one too many to an antisemite.

    In regard to jews and the media……if we look at the entertainment business from lets say from the turn of the last century, it was not considered a respectable business and did not necessarily result in “wealth ” accumulation. That jews were “allowed” in this business did not seem to concern the masses, as it was one of the few areas where no one noticed or cared, since it seemed to be populated by many societal misfits of the time(not meant as derogatory) Well, the business became very big generating lots of money….the antisemites real grudge is that society never expected the entertainment business to succeed and it did, the Jews developed it, benefited and continue to benefit from it ,Too Bad(hindsight is 20:20)

    There are many powerful lobbies in the US(I believe Agriculture may be number 1 and it isn’t always about domestic products). Lobbies are not illegal, they are a form of free speech protected under our constitution….the supreme court has ruled that the use of money for speech is constitutionally protected free speech. Again the only problem anti semites have with AIPAC is that it is a successful lobby perceived as jewish(although many contributors are not), other successful lobbies don’t seem to concern them and have as much influence on foreign policy, like oil?

  4. Stone is half-Jewish (Jewish father). Must himself be part of the conspiracy to control the media. At least half of it. Not doing a very good job!

  5. Jane, would you mind not referring to “Jews” with a small “j”?

    It is probably your writing style, but I’d appreciate it if you wrote it as “Jew”, here at least.



  6. Oliver Stones new movie/documentary whatever it is identified as in re: to immigration and central, south america, his love affair with Hugo Chavez is going to put him in a position where worrying about the perceived power of the Jews is going to be the least of his worries. Illegal immigration has been very big in the US and the media is finally getting its head around the fact that most Americans are very unhappy despite their efforts to encourage us otherwise. Stones new installment is not going to sit well with the majority of Americans, left-right-or dead center on the political spectrum. He’ll need to be focusing alot less on Jews…..he will be further marginalized by the public (if he isn’t already) and fodder for our not so admirable right wing talking heads…..(not that the left wing talking heads are any more admirable…chuckle)

  7. his love affair with Hugo Chavez

    Chavez is not only authoritarian but an accomplished anti-Semite; Jews are fleeing Venezuela.

  8. Noted, Jane. I have a long history about the use of “jew” against me personally which I won’t bore people with. I accept that you don’t mean to offend. Thanks for understanding,

  9. Silvertrees-

    Technically, a small “j” is correct when “jew” is used as a verb-

    to jew-

    To bargain, to attempt to gain an unfair price in a business deal.

  10. Isn’t there some grammatical rule about when to capitalize and when not, I never remember what it is and when I make an earnest effort to be attentive to it, I get it wrong anyway. But when you think about it, if I capitalize the word Jew all the time, I have a 50:50 shot of being technically correct anyway, so it’s win/win and my odds probably went up exponentially….:)

  11. Woops, I was really thinking along the lines of dad/Dad here, nothing so offensive as the above.

  12. Surprising that he isn’t a regular contributor on CiF.

    He would find so many ‘friends’ there.

  13. What will his next doco be, Osama Bin Laden,a cave dweller,who is just a mistaken softy at heart,who loves horses,flight simulators,and killing innocent people, the more the better.

    Oliver Stone can cooperate with that other whack job Michael Moore.For his next documentary.

  14. “Surprising that he isn’t a regular contributor on CiF.”

    I imagine the Guardian is trying to sign him up, as we speak.

    But it’s only a matter of time before there is a Gibson-Stone linkup too.

  15. Stone has apologised for his remarks. The article is behind the pay-wall in the Sunday Times.

  16. Is he sorry he said it, or is he sorry it was printed in the paper(was it to be off the record)?

  17. Ian Thal

    Those two punctuation marks say a lot about the editorial position.

    Well. Nothing new there.