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  1. In this particular article, CiF scored a resounding own-goal. Though the posts above were deleted, most of the first dozen were decidely hostile to Hanjra, one from Steve2000 collecting 488 recommendations.

    It may be some time before Hanjra is invited by the Guardian to play’ poor misunderstood Muslim student” again.

  2. It is really puzzling why these particular comments were singled out for deletion when virtually all of the comments condemn the article and the author in a similar manner.

  3. Tch Tch.

    No criticizing Followers of The Prophet on CiF.

    ‘Apartheid Israel’ is fine though.

    OR ‘Israel murders children’.

    or ‘Israel kills babies’.

    ‘Israel slaughters Arabs’ is fine too.

    ‘Muslim slaughters Jews’. Deleted very quickly.

    ‘Fair and Balanced’ is also deleted pretty quickly when used. Especially in reference to Porgina’s famous letter to the Jewish Chronicle. Almost as if an open nerve has been trodden on.