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  1. Why?

    a) Because straight-talking about the Palestinians is not politically correct, and

    b) Freedman gets everything removed that isn’t to his particular twisted taste

  2. No matter how often a comment is ‘reported’ (shades of my high school days) there is no excuse for a mod to delete something that is true except editorial policy or personal prejudice

  3. Someone after our own hearts. In the Gerry Adams thread:

    2 Aug 2010, 1:20PM

    The mods are removing all traces of some posts because it looks bad to have so many comments denied. Comment is free afterall, right? right? I’ve been watching this thread from the beginning.

    So far the count is:

    “This comment has been removed by a moderator.” = 50 Removals.

    Dissapeared without trace = 20

    Total Removals = 70

    Comment is free but North Korea has a better record for allowing people their say.

    The above posted tally has been deleted 1 time.