Month: July 2010


Recently Hezbollah, CiF’s favorite Fascist terrorist group (sorry, “resistance force”) lost one of its “spiritual” leaders.  Hussein Fadhallah entered the gates of hell on July 4th 2010.  His “Guardians” were promptly at […]

Bring it on baby

Our friends over at The Brothers of Judea are reporting that they received the following threatening email from anti-Zionist as-a-Jew Mya Guarnieri. The purportedly offending posts of The Brothers of Judea that […]

Ark Angel

I would like to go back and take another look at the rather interesting exchange which took place recently between CiF Watch’s regular commentator Zachary Esterson and the cartoonist Martin Rowson with […]

Four Years On

Last week the IDF released important declassified information regarding Hizbollah’s use of villages in Southern Lebanon as military bases and ammunition stores . In direct violation of UN resolution 1701, military bases have […]

Bullyboy Beef

Another day at the Guardian; another Neve Gordon pro-boycott article; another example of the Durban I  delegitimization and demonization strategy at work. So why now? Well, as recently mentioned on these pages, […]

Misrepresenting Judaism

This is a guest post by Akiva A couple of weeks ago, CiF raised some hairs with the question “Should religions compete?” The prompt begins:  “Almost all monotheisms are missionary religions. It […]