A gaping void at The Guardian

This is a guest post by AKUS

From the horrifying article, Burkas and bikinis , by Priyamvada Gopal which tried to draw a parallel between cutting off the nose and ears of an Afghan girl with bikini waxing:



To borrow SantaMoniker’s words, this was an utterly disgusting deletion by the Guardian.

There is a gaping void where the Guardian’s morals should be and it should have removed the article, not comments condemning it and its revolting author.

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  1. AKUS, thank you for reading the vile thing for us. I won’t read it though I did manage to get through the comments on the Werewolf’s article the other day. Maybe I will look at the comments on this one too.

  2. I got through about three-quarters and a lot of them are nauseating.

    I remember Germaine Greer years ago saying that she’d rather be raped than have her nose cut off. Why does it have to be either and why defend the “religion” that permits such barbarity? Some people don’t like the revolting aspects of Islam to see the light of day. Despite the regular court cases here, for murder, though no-one is “occupying” the murderers.

    On a lighter note, a joke on Twitter: IDF member arrivinig at Heathrow and being asked “Occupation?” Answer, “No. Just a visit”.

  3. MazalUK, there is only one of your comments left, the first. No trace of the second.

    In the Werewolf thread the other day, Wikileaks, someone was doing a deletions and disappearances count. A good effect of CW, I assume.

  4. Not that I’m counting, but so far 556 people have agreed with the comment by SantaMoniker that was not deleted and is still visible on the website, and about 200 at least had commented on the deleted comment when I captured these.

    Its a pity the comment counts have slipped off the edge of the page here, because it is pretty clear that this was a another disaster for CiF. These people have no shame at all, and it seems that under Viner’s leadership the impossible is happening – its got even worse than before.

  5. The contortions into which some women will twist in order to “excuse” the most appalling crimes against their sex by Islamacists, while excoriating far milder manifestations of “patriarchy” by western male chauvinists never ceases to amaze me.
    Also, can you imagine how the Grauniad would have reacted had such mutilation of man or woman been done by the IDF or a “settler”? But of course, it’s Israel’s fanatical Islamacist enemies that mutilate the corpses of Israeli fallen.
    The Grauniad’s immorality is beyond redemption.

  6. The Guardian has adopted a fashionable stance, supporting the forces that opt for the destruction of our western culture as we know it.

    This leads them into real difficulties when their attitude is challenged by concepts such as this, where they have no grounds for rejection of the outrageous and are forced to accept what they are offered.

  7. AKUS, on the Wikileaks/Ireland thread, not on this, I picked up the valiant Dijective

    2 Aug 2010, 2:01PM

    The mods are removing all traces of some posts because it looks bad to have so many comments denied. Comment is free afterall, right? right? I’ve been watching this thread from the beginning.
    So far the count is:

    “This comment has been removed by a moderator.” = 66

    Disapeared without trace = 23

    Total Removals = 89

    Latest comment removed = Muggedbyreality 2 Aug 2010, 1:45Pm
    Comment is free but North Korea has a better record for allowing people their say.

    The above posted tally has been disapeared 1 time and “comment removed” 2 Times.

    That post was ‘disappeared’ and when the poster tried again at 4.30pm as Dijective1 his post was deleted.

    407 posts including deletions remain on the page.

  8. Insightful comment from the end of the thread (which is still open – the Guardian staff are suckers for punishment – or just demonstrating the gaping moral void in which they live):


    5 Aug 2010, 1:03PM

    … yes, as so many have commented, this article is truly awful … “a new low for CiF” … but it’s also depressing that its author’s repeated interventions in the thread show no recognition of this … it’s not just (yet more) evidence that many academics pontificate from ivory towers … but that whole swathes of them especially in humanities faculties have abandoned moral values for a cynical and selfish relativism … that’s the real “void” …

    … interesting as a footnote to see that comments from Guardian ‘contributors’ (conveniently marked with the blue C) largely support the article BUT GET FEW RECOMMENDS while those from us readers criticising the article GET LARGE NUMBERS OF RECOMMENDS … the “void” is well established in CiF too …

  9. Sometimes, and particularly in matters of this sort, I feel as if I am trying to communicate with entities from another dimension or planet.

    This idiotic woman believes that if she says such a thing then it must be true, but she is in good company – CiF is full of reality-challenged individuals.

    I tried to read the article but felt sick after the first paragraph. As SantaMoniker said, it is a new low for CiF and the Guardian.

    Until the next time.

    I particularly noticed the evident lack of insight – a sine qua non for all CiF pro Islamist authors when they are not doing the equivalent of blowing bubbles and pretending that they are talking sense – in the following:

    “..Misogynist violence is unacceptable, but we must also be concerned by the continued insistence that the complexities of war, occupation and reality itself can be reduced to bedtime stories. ..”

    Well duh! What the heck does this idiot believe CiF is engaged in doing every minute of its sorry existence? CiF authors and editors wouldn’t know complexity if they fell over it, so busily are they engaged in dumbing down to attract hits to asinine articles like this one.

    And what the hell is “oversimplifying” about a photograph of a young woman whose nose has been amputated because of some wrongdoing (real or imagined) by her husband? Why should we not all react with horror and anger to it? Why isn’t this creature Gopal reacting similarly?

  10. “..The Guardian has adopted a fashionable stance, supporting the forces that opt for the destruction of our western culture as we know it…”

    That’s probably the price it has to pay for being the voice of Islamism in the UK and getting Islamist funding.

    And it seems that being divorced from reality is a vital prerequisite to write there.