The Guardian, or The Onion?

Harriett Sherwood’s piece today in The Guardian contains one of the most unintentionally hilarious headlines I’ve seen in a “serious” publication in quite a while – and, its likely that the editors at the satire “news” site, The Onion, are frustrated that they didn’t think of it themselves.

Yes, clearly unmoved by the Lebanese Armed Forces’ heroic but futile attempts yesterday to stave off what can only be described as utterly merciless attacks on Lebanon’s poor, helpless Cedars – and seemingly indifferent to the worldwide outcry by environmentalists – Israel launched another brutal offensive in an attempt to destroy every last remaining remnant of the once proud and prosperous trees (roots, stems, branches, and all!) along their northern border.  The trees had been holding on to dear life since the initial assault yesterday.

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  1. well, Adam, I don’t know about the Brits, but to a German’s heart nothing is dearer than a tree, preferably a tree in a wood. Nothing is faster in getting us welling up than reading that a tree has been hurt – probably these days even lovers’ carving initials in tree trunks would be frowned upon

    why don’t you who comment at the Guardian ask dear Harriet to elaborate on her view on that?

  2. Oh lord spare me, is there another CIF post on this topic, I am still choking on the Brian Whittaker one! His post is bad enough but take this comment:

    “It seems to have persuaded UNFIL to confirm this lie, and is now spreading the hasbara that it pre-informed Lebanon of Israel’s intention:
    UNFIL is little more than a front for the Zionists. How can there be any hope for peace when the UN itself is undermining Lebanon?”
    So: always cite the UN as authority to show Israel is wrong, except when Israel is found to be in the right, then the UN is a Zionist front!
    This is even more absurd given Israel’s misgivings about the Indonesian make up of UNIFIL

  3. In an important sense perhaps the war between the three monotheisms might be regarded as the battle of the trees:

    Jewish tree of life; hiding behind the guayaba tree etc.;

    Christian self-renewing tree – ie the seed planted in Adam’s mouth grew into the tree which furnished the wood for the cross of the saviour;

    Where are the tree elves when you might need them?

    Islam – Qutb’s In the Shade of the Koran of course.

  4. From Andrew Brown’s blog at the Guardian:

    “Thanks to all the entrants for this: it was really quite difficult to whittle the thirty or so suggestions down to half a dozen. I wasn’t going to publish anything which was rude without being in the least bit funny; on the other hand, a lot of the pro-pope efforts also suffered from a certain earnestness. In any case, enjoy the results. I think this kind of competition should be repeated.”

    So when is the crappy Guardian going to have a Mohammed t-shirt contest?

    I bet they don’t, the hypocritical shysters.

  5. Damn those dastardly tree-pruners! The next thing you know they’ll be planting pansies in their place with built-in laser-guided weapons.

  6. The article on the CiF website doesnt allow comments. No surprise there.

    Harriett does clearly state that Israel was completely withing its soverign rights but the whole article doesn’t apportion any blame. That in itself is most unusual for The Guardian when relating to Israel except that carefully reading the contents, ‘it seems’ that Israel is not at fault in any way.

    However, there is no condemnation of Lebanon or Hizbollah or The Lebanese Army or Mary Winehouse.

    My goodness. Is the Guardian no longer making ‘moral’ judgements.

  7. I read somewhere that it was a Cypress, not a Cedar. In any event, only Olive trees justify armed retribution in international law.

  8. I think the poor woman is confused by the “settlers cutting down olive trees” calumny. Every year the Arabs prune their trees and put that fantasy into operation.

    “The tree did it” would be quite a good joke if not for the fact of the poor colonel’s death and the other injuries.

  9. Ariadne

    just to make sure:

    Soccer Dad is not one of the morally enfeebled. Very very much to the contrary.
    don’t get deceived by the moniker 😉

  10. This headline typifies the endemic Guardian bias against Israel, and is a classic of its kind.

    Interestingly, they have now changed the headline to read “Tree that sparked deadly border clash on Israeli side, says UN”.

    Maybe CiFWatch is having an effect.

  11. Thanks Brad….you’re no doubt correct about the uprooting of olive groves as a “crime against humanity”.

    As far as the tree in question, since it was satire, I felt that Cedars are so much more iconic, and didn’t feel the need to check my facts. (Aka, just another day at The Guardian:)