Why hasn’t this been deleted?

There were hundreds of comments beneath the thread in response to the CiF pieceBurqas and bikinis(an utterly breathtaking display of rationalizing terrorism and hatred for the West) by Priyamvada Gopal.  Gopal’s essay was inspired by that now iconic photo of an 18-year-old Afghan girl whose ears and nose were sliced off by the Taliban, as punishment for running away from her abusive in-laws.  Her narrative suggested a moral equivalence between the violent misogynistic brutality of The Taliban and the treatment of women in the U.S. and other democratic countries.

Among the comments to the piece was this thinly veiled, threat (still not taken down by CiF editors at the time of this writing) by “Khoda Saadi,” in response to a commenter critical of Gopal’s piece.

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  1. Raving mad,even for the looniverse that is the cif sewer.Probably wears a Che t-shirt.

  2. On a par with the ugly imbecile caught on camera during the cartoon demo/debacle.

    In a strange pidjin hybrid Pakistani/West Indian/ Street accent, bellowing like a crazed dervish,

    ” We will invade Denmark and take all your wives as war booty”.

    Where to start on that one? Hatred, idiocy, impotent rage and unfulfillable crazy threat all rolled into one.

  3. @ logdon

    You mean this scumbag, presumably:

    You can see there’s a lot of general hate among protesters – but also that the bloke (who is presumably impatient about the promised afterlife virgins etc.) was getting funny looks when he launched into that bizarre rant.

    But you are mistaken if you think that’s a “pidjin hybrid Pakistani/West Indian/ Street accent”.

  4. pretzelberg – a perfect example of the “Arab street” in action. Except it happened in England.

    They are actually ludicrous, but still dangerous.

  5. @ AKUS
    However the offensive the cartoons may be deemed, I’ve never understood why they constitute grounds for a jihad. If these people are genuine Muslims, then why not be satisfied in the knowledge that the sinners will end up in hell?

    Strength of belief in this case would surely mean simply ignoring e.g. Salman Rushdie.

    That said: on what grounds do you call this the “Arab” street?