Lebanese Commander Admits to Ordering Sniper Attack on IDF

Senior Lebanese army commanders planned and authorised the cross-border shooting on Tuesday that killed an Israel Defence Forces colonel who was supervising the removal of a tree within Israeli territory, the Lebanese press has reported.

The acknowledgement came at a United Nations-brokered meeting between Major-General Abdul Rahman Chehaitly of the Lebanese army and a senior Israeli officer on Wednesday.

The Lebanese newspaper As-Safir reported that General Chehaitly told the meeting the shooting was the result of a command decision and could be repeated.

“The soldiers received clear orders to open fire. The responsibility is that of the Israeli army which crossed the border,” General Chehaitly said.

See Daled Amos’ blog for the rest of story, which includes information suggesting that Hezbollah had a role in the attack.

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  1. S this was premeditated murder by the Lebanese Army – the shooting of an Israeli officer hundreds of yards from the area where the tree was being removed.

    Israel does not let this sort of thing go unpunished, and there are a few in Lebanon who should be checking if their wills are up to date.

  2. Rest assured that Roger Cohen at the New York Times will never write about this premeditated attack by Lebanese soldiers. Rest assured also that Nick Kristof of the New York Times will not write about. At the Guardian, expect selfloathing Antony Lerman to argue that somehow Israel provoked the innocent Lebanese into shooting at Israelis. With Lerman, there is always an assumption that anything Arabs do is justified and everything Israel does is evil. Lerman does not ever tell his readers that his loathing of Israel and the Jewish community took place after his ouster from a position with the Jewish community in the UK. He reminds me of a guy I knew who developed a lifelong hatred of Walmart after FedEx fired him for sleeping on the job and not making deliveries. The guy wrote posts on every blog about how awful Walmart was and never mentioned his personal motivation. Lerman carefully conceals his own motivations.

  3. Oops accidentally said FedEx instead of Walmart. The Fedex guy just made a delivery and my mind was clouded.