The Guardian has a problem with photographs

This is a guest post by AKUS

We recently had the debacle of the Guardian using a pre-disengagement picture from Gaza in 2005 to illustrate a heavily mocked article by Leila El-Haddad.

The choice of an out-of-date, misrepresentative picture reflects the knee jerk and ignorant beliefs about what is really going on in Gaza at the wonderful world of the Guardian. The Guardian had to remove the photograph (a rare admission of an error).

This is what they should have used:

Gaza water park

The photograph below was used on the thoroughly discredited Daphna Baram column which tried to frighten the faithful into believing that the Israeli citizens’ right to free speech was in danger – Katherine Viner’s troops sprang into action, and in the interests of protecting Israelis’ right to free speech, dug up this photo of an Arab woman asking that … well Israeli freedoms be curtailed. Notice the utterly irrelevant, but typical GWV caption:

This appears to be its favorite at the moment – the same photograph resurfaced at the head of the article about the Lebanese women’s “flotilla” by a new face in the Guardian’s  Israel-bashing brigade, Ruth Sherlock  (Note to Sherlock:  flo·til·la  – a. A small fleet.b. A fleet of small craft – not one ship). This time, the faithful are to be reminded of the demand to boycott Israel in support of an ostensibly peaceful mission by “[an]Arabic singer [and] crew of nuns, doctors, lawyers and journalists “.  This variegated “crew” will try to bring aid to Gaza that is both unnecessary and, if Hamas’ refusal to receive the supplies from the Mavi Marmara is any indication, unwanted.

Rather than recycling the same picture they should use the picture below.  It is so much more representative of the type of person who sets sail on a ship bringing unneeded supplies that are past their sell-by date to Gaza. I’ve added a copy of the Hezbollah flag to make sure that they receive recognition for their support of this mission:

This is much more representative of the sort of person who worries about free speech in Israel and the suffering of Gazans at the mall and pools or waiting for their UNRWA handouts.

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  1. The Guardian should’ve used the pic of Gaza water park?

    And you consider yourself objective??

  2. a ship bringing unneeded supplies that are past their sell-by date to Gaza.

    Israel indeed lets in tons of supplies every week – a fact ignored by countless CiF articles.

    But it’s far less than during e.g. the Berlin airlift and could be more – so why say “unneeded”?

  3. That was some aid that they brought to Gaza,most of it was useless, medicines that were out of date.And a lot of Turkish castoffs.

    Watch out for Turks bringing gifts.

  4. Pretzelberg,

    “But it’s far less than during e.g. the Berlin airlift and could be more – so why say “unneeded”?”

    Let me get this… you’re saying that Israel should send aid into Gaza (although it is distributed according to people’s affinity to Hamas and not according to their need), aid equaling that of the Berlin airlift, although there are still rockets being fired on Israel regularly… Hmmm, “interesting”…

    As for what’s needed, I suggest that you read the following, from the Egyptian press (in one of those rare articles when it is not busy convincing us of the truth behind the Protocols of the Elders of Zion). On second thought, probably I made a mistake inserting the titles, because I am not at all sure that you’d read it, since it contradicts your narrative – that of the MSM, i.e. misleading and biased:

    Egyptian Journalist: In Actual Terms, Gaza Is Not Under Siege

    Egyptian Columnist: ‘What Siege Are They Talking About?’; ‘The Egyptian People…. [Should] Pray to Allah to Smite Them With [Such a] Siege’

  5. AKUS!!! What you don’t understand about the waterpark is that it is a very sad sight indeed for a real Guardinista: remember the sad sad article of Victoria Brittain about Gaza water and Blue Baby syndrome or something like this?!? Do you realize the water in the waterpark is indeed all blue???!!! Heartbreaking, truly!