Barghouti’s Guardians

The comment thread beneath Omar Barghouti’s CiF piece, promoting boycotts of Israel, on Aug 12, Besieging Israel’s Siege, brought out quite a few fellow travelers to the crusade to delegitimize Israel (See CiF Watch responses to Barghouti’s piece, here and here).

Typical was this by a frequent CiF commenter who goes by “hammondorganb3”:

Interesting.  He accuses Israel of inflicting “brutal” “horrors” on millions of people in a “calculating” and “malicious” manner, yet is shocked (simply shocked!) that anyone would accuse him of inciting hatred towards Israelis – behavior, he believes, that decent people everywhere should “strenuously avoid.”

Now, let’s go back to his previous post, 9 minutes earlier, which was subsequently deleted.

So, in addition to characterizing Israeli behavior as cruel and sadistic, he’s not above playing the Nazi card.  I simply can’t imagine why anyone would ever accuse such folks of inciting hatred.

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  1. The success of BDS:-
    – Israel’s economy growing at 4.7% annual rate.
    – Israeli exports up 19%

  2. Hello CIF watchers,

    First off, much obliged for the two comments on Dirty Garnet the other day. It’s appreciated you guys chose to stop by. No reply from Guardian personnel, and despite stating the contrary I’ve had my comments blocked from a Guardian online journalist’s Sarah Hartley’s blog. Comment obviously isn’t free when present on a Guardian staff member’s blog or twitter page. So much for CP Scott.

    Er…I feel a bit sheepish in discussing a very ‘ back to the roots’ thing over something I’ve never actually discussed with anyone who is a member of the Jewish faith before:

    I was wondering if you fellows consult the Book of Ecclesiastes often?

    It’s always been my favourite book in the Bible, and if I’m ever peeved I try to read it with all the good humour I can muster: In the final analysis this entire planet is a tiny grain of a huge mountain which has existed far longer than any human being ever will. Trivial. Frankly, I’ve a personal ‘pick and mix’ approach to spirituality that fulfills its role with aplomb. The Preacher’s lecture is a favourite sweet in my bag of philosophical confectionary.

    A famous astrophysicist born to a Jewish family had views quite close to my own: Carl Sagan.

    This entire post is offtopic and could be deleted for that reason. I actually didn’t know where else to go to express this as religious forums are awash with trollery. Would enjoy responses though.

    Pete, editor at

  3. hammondorganb3 is more like a barrel organ, the way he churns out the crap.

    I also recall MERidley whining about his deleted post and why “reasonable, balanced” comments should stay up. One of the latter was a reference to Gaza as a “concentration camp”.