Lovely tweets, by “moderate” Guardian contributor, Ali Abunimah, about the terrorist attack near Hebron

H/T: Yaacov Lozowick’s Ruminations:

Ali Abunimah is the founder of Electronic Intifada,  and contributor for the Guardian, Huffington Post, and New York Times when these progressive voices need a “moderate” Palestinian-perspective op-ed.  Abunimah, it should be known, doesn’t believe Israel has the right to exist, and has suggested that Israel’s actions in Gaza are similar to the Nazi massacre in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Here are his responses via Twitter to the cold-blooded execution-style murder of four Jews earlier this evening, two of them women and one pregnant:

Civilian deaths are always tragic. Israel must stop using civilian settlers as human shields for the land it is stealing

And, this:

And it is indeed tragic Israel cynically uses Jewish civilians including kids as human shields for expropriated land.

And, just for clarity, he notes:

that’s my view on this attack too if you need me to grind the point. Is that still unclear?

No Ali, I think we’re all quite clear on your views.

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  1. Civilian deaths are always tragic. Israel must stop using civilian settlers as human shields for the land it is stealin

    Somehow the first part of that enjoys zero credibility re. the author’s reference to “tragic”.

  2. This is a man who calls the Palestinian Authority ‘collaborators’, so there’s so reason to think that he would have any sympathy for Israelis murdered by his heroes in Hamas or that he actually wants the peace negotiations to succeed.

  3. “that’s my view on this attack too if you need me to grind the point.Is that still unclear”.

    Perhaps we need to grind them into dust,so that they in turn get our point.
    Softly softly doesn’t work,never worked.

    When will we learn?

  4. Dust out the “Targeted Killings”,A grinding point needs to be made here.

    These are the kind of people that Obama wants and in fact is forcing Israel to sit down with at the same table.

    Perhaps the Guardian will get this Ali Abunimah to write another grinding article about shooting pregnant women at point blank range.

  5. Let’s see what Harriet Sherwood of the Guardian has to say,if anything, about these Hamas brave fighters that shoot pregnant women at point blank range.

  6. So the price for these peace talks has also begun to be gathered.

    Its like those thermometers they have outside schools or churches to show how many dollars have been collected and still have to be collected to reach the goal. How many Israelis will have to die to justify Obama’s Nobel Prize?

    Except this is an unattainable goal.

    Since Hamas has taken responsibility, I hope Zahal makes them pay the price. Starting with Haniyah and friends.


    Hamas issued a statement on Tuesday claiming responsibility for the shooting attack in the West Bank that left four Israeli civilians dead.

    The statement from the armed wing of Hamas, a group that opposes any dialogue with Israel, said the “Qassam Brigades announces its full responsibility for the heroic operation in Hebron.”

    “Hamas praises the attack and regards it as a natural response to the crimes of the occupation,” said Sami Abu-Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza,


    So I wonder what a “proportional response” is?

  8. Proportional response be damned,we need to go in hob nailed boots and all.

    We are dealing here with people who don’t understand any other language.

    Damned if we do,damned if we don’t.Damn it, just do it.

  9. If the”peace talks” can withstand the deaths of 4 Israelis, the “peace talks” can withstand a “little” NAKBA for hamass.

  10. Akus:

    “So I wonder what a “proportional response” is?”

    It is very simple according to Islamic law.
    Take any 2 Palestinian Muslim adult males, 2 Palestinian Muslim adult females (one pregnant) and execute them.

    Eye for an eye.

    Luckily for the civilian Palestinians the IDF does not do Islamic doctrines.

  11. Dolma,

    This is the meaning of sweet revenge according to Hamas.

    Only twisted people like them can see this as revenge.
    Only twisted people like them see this as a heroic act.
    Only twisted people like them celebrate such pathetic act.

    They remind me of wife beaters and peodephiles.
    Sick beyond repair.

  12. Melanie Phillips has authored a book ‘The World Turned Upside Down’, surely this man’s tweets prove her salient point. When oh when will the western leaders and intelligentsia wake up that these Islamists do not want peace? It is terrible how these people who have murderous intent are not called to book. His tweets are inaccurate, these innocent Israeli civillians were not being used as human shields, they were just Jews who had returned to live in the Promised Land to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. However this man and those who commit cold blooded murder will have to give an account to the Creator who will consign them to an eternity in hell.

  13. I hope that someone is keeping these tweets for use against the oh-so-liberal-minded CiF, as an example of the sort of people they ask to write for them.

    benorr, I am afraid I agree with you that softly softly can never work with an entity which perceives any kindness or compromise as weakness. It didn’t in Gaza when Israel withdrew and the Islamist thugs took it as a green light to kidnap Gilad Shalit and launch war against Israeli civilians.

    One cannot treat with such people as one might with others who are civilised and trustworthy – there are no points of shared values, or contact with humans who are even vaguely like-minded. These are like entities from another planet.

    They themselves said it – that they love death more than life. They destroy their children’s futures by teaching them likewise. They will not survive. If they value their children so little their society will not survive either.

    The question is whether it will poison itself with its own hatred before it is destroyed because it goes one step too far.

  14. Itsik, you missed out the Arab/Muslim “big talk”, which is as natural as breathing to such people, that if they say something then it must be true.

  15. More justification for the death of Jews from Abunimah:

    In a colonial situation the outcry for the death of a settler is always exponentially greater than for the death of native. about 15 hours ago via

    Twitter for iPhone Retweeted by 12 people

    * Reply
    * Retweet

    Ali Abunimah

  16. Our friend Saint Ali Abunimah of Al-Taqiyya Merchants and other Apologists for Hamas has been at it on the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme, aided and abetted by a dimwitted reporter who failed to put him on the spot – see below.

    He was bemoaning that Hamas hadn’t be invited to the party in the US and wailed that the door had been slammed in Hamas’ face again and again. Embedded in his whingeing was that Hamas was offering only a temporary cease fire. Dimwitted interviewer didn’t ask why not a permanent one, and how did this new load of ordure tie in with the statement in the Hamas Charter that peace talks with Israel are a waste of time.

    Saint Ali was in full-blown victim mode, with “poor us” voice to match – the dimwitted interviewer must either have felt sorry for him or was toeing the usual BBC line because he wasn’t questioned either about his excuses for Hamas’ murders of the people near Hebron – he said that they were frustrated.

    Biased BBC has the link to the recording of the interview at