Guardian focuses on settlers after terrorist attack

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Relatives and mourners weep during the memorial service for four Israelis shot dead by Hamas terrorists while driving near Hebron in Beit Haggai

On the eve of the commencement of peace talks between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, members of Hamas yesterday conducted a terrorist attack in the West Bank in which four Israelis, including a pregnant woman, were killed. The attack, which happened near the city of Hebron, was denounced by all those involved in negotiations, but lauded by a Hamas spokesman as a ‘heroic’ act. This outbreak of violence, which was widely seen as an attempt to derail the peace-process, highlighted the divisions between those Palestinians who are willing to negotiate with Israel, and those who reject peaceful compromise.

While the ambush was widely reported, there has been a distinct lack of analysis of the long term implications of such rejectionism on prospects for peace. In particular, there was little discussion of the fact that the Palestinians are divided between two governments, and of the history and ideology of Hamas. Instead, settlements were still portrayed as the major stumbling block, most notably by The Guardian’s Harriet Sherwood.

Following her initial article on the killings,Four Israeli settlers shot dead on eve of White House talks’ (which appeared online last night, and in The Guardian’s print edition today) Sherwood’s online article published today focused not on the attempts by Islamist militants to scupper negotiations, but on how continued settlement building posed the biggest obstacle to peace.

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  1. They will continue with these attacks until barak will counter punch them and the usual “solidarity” comments from Abbas (the Hamas aplogist when it suits him) will follow with the usual primadona storming off and the prolonging of the conflict by another 2 years.

    This is obvious.

    Only when Abbas realy feels upset by his people actions we can start moving forward.
    But this will never happen as it’s an oxymoron.

    So the money will carry on flooding to UNRWA (needlessly), Israelis will be at daily threat of attacks and the Palestinian will get battered time and time again after their attacks, wasting their lives, our money and most of all the world’s time.

    This conflict on a nut shell.

    Look at the bright side.
    The US, Russia and others weapon industries will continue moving forward helping many citizen to get out of bed and go to work every morning.

    Many AID agency will continue employing their personal, and many News agencies like the Guardian, will carry on wining and dining turning the wheels of time to suit their agendas at the time.

    So who’s unhappy here?
    Who realy care about dead Israelis, dead Palestinians, or broken societies?

    Certainly not Abbas who carries on tagging his party line like good old Arafat…

    He knows full well that when the battle ends he is finished.