The Guardian, and the company they keep

Ghada Karmi’s CiF op-ed on the peace talks in Washington (Sept. 1), “A Middle East peace that wreaks havoc”, was a polemic against peace negotiations on the grounds that, in her view, Israel would never concede enough to bring real justice for the Palestinians.

Of course, her idea of justice includes the “right of return” and a “one state solution“, meaning that nothing other than Israel’s complete and non-negotiable surrender would satisfy her.  Her visceral hostility towards Israel wasn’t even thinly veiled, and at times made simply bizarre statements, such as: ” Time and again, when Israel was thrown a lifeline by Arab neighbours that could have insured its legitimacy and security, its folly and greed lost it those opportunities” – a quite chilling historical and moral inversion, one which neatly ignores those pesky little Arab wars in 1948, 1967, (before the occupation), whose open intention was to destroy the Jewish state, Arab state-sponsored terrorism, and economic boycotts.

Karmi is not new to CiF, having published pieces there from 2002 through 2010.  In one piece in 2007, entitled “Intellectual Terrorism”, on the pernicious influence of the organized Jewish community, she said:

“People [in the U.S.] are hardened or resigned to having their freedom of expression limited by the pro-Israel lobby.”

In an interview with al-Jazeera on August 28, 2008 – on the eve of the U.S. Presidential elections – Karmi claimed that there really was no difference between the Democrats and Republicans on the question of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and even forgot to use the code word Israel, instead of Jewish in front of the word “Lobby”:

[Due to pressure from the Jewish lobby] Presidents…will…do anything to support Israel.

In this YouTube clip, she address a crowd on the question of why the U.S. supports Israel, and says:

“The U.S. is not free.  It is constrained by the power of the [Jewish] lobby.”

Joining Karmi at the lectern, in that video, is Rabbi Aharon Cohen.  Cohen is an Orthodox Jew from Greater Manchester and a leading member of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement who attended Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust Denial Conference in Teheran in 2006.  His remarks pertaining to the conference was to “acknowledge” that millions did, indeed, die in gas chambers but that they may have deserved it.

Karmi with Rabbi Cohen of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement

She also wrote a piece giving credence to conspiracy theories about Yasser Arafat’s death, suggesting that Ariel Sharon may have had him poisoned, and has openly expressed her wish that Israel become a “Pariah state“.

The Reut Institute has included her – along with George Galloway – as a major player in London in what’s known as the Red-Green alliance (the alliance between the far-left and radical Islamic groups).

Just to be clear about Karmi’s antipathy towards Jews (and not just Israelis), she published a piece in the radical anti-Zionist magazine, Counterpunch, in Feb. 2004,where she describes Zionism as some sort of cancer which has to be eradicated, stating:

“Zionism is a dangerous idea: at its root is a conviction of moral righteousness that justifies almost any act deemed necessary to preserve the Jewish state. If that means nuclear weapons, massive military force, alliances with unsavoury regimes, theft and manipulation of other people’s resources, aggression and occupation, the crushing of Palestinian and all other forms of resistance to its survival, however inhuman – then so be it….[This Zionist ideology] is deeply implanted in the hearts of most Jews, whether Israelis or not.”

So, according to Karmi, deep in the hearts of Jews all over the world (and not just Israelis), is support for the “dangerous idea” of Zionism, and the “conviction of moral righteousness” that justifies, in their minds, any “inhuman” act, no matter how morally hideous.

Interestingly, Karmi published the same, slightly revised piece, in the Guardian, in March 2004, where the word “inhuman” to describe Zionism was omitted, as well as the reference to Jews’ supposedly deep-seeded lust for such a malevolent state actor.

Of course we’ll never know if Karmi submitted two separate pieces – one more sanitized for a larger audience, and one for the openly anti-Semitic Counterpunch.  Alternatively, however, I can’t stop from wondering if the CiF Editors deleted those racist passages – and published the revised piece knowing full well that they were giving a platform to a woman with a clear antipathy towards Jews.

One question continues to haunt me regarding CiF Watch’s continuous exposes on Guardian contributors (such as Karmi) who are clearly compromised by a history of expressing unbridled hatred towards not just Israel, but often Jews, as such:

I can’t help but wonder: Is the Guardian simply willfully blind to such bigotry?   Or, even worse, is it possible that their eyes are fully open to their contributors’ often odious ideologies but, at the end of the day, they simply just don’t care?

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  1. “I can’t help but wonder: Is the Guardian simply willfully blind to such bigotry? Or, even worse, is it possible that their eyes fully open to their contributors’ often odious ideologies but, at the end of the day, they simply just don’t care?”

    Or, worse still, they subscribe to and approve of such odious ideologies.

  2. She is right about one thing:

    “The U.S. is not free. It is constrained by the power of the XXXX lobby.”

    The SAUDI lobby.

  3. Israel is nothing like a failed or pariah state, as Karmi suggests. It is the Start Up Nation par excellence, with more venture capital start ups than all Europe put together, and certainly more than Britain, which is unfortunately sinking ever-deeper into industrial, economic and cultural decline.

    Britain has now been exposed by Israel’s President, Shimon Peres, but who needs Britain for a friend when Israel has, for example, India (population 1.14bn), the world’s largest democracy, among its many major trading partners.

    Take a peek at this interview with Dan Senor, the co-author with Saul Singer of, “Start Up Nation. Israel’s Economic Miracle,” for an intriguing analysis of why Israel is so popular in world trade:

  4. I couldn’t believe what I was reading when the article popped up yesterday – the day after a Hamas guy called the murders of four Israeli civilians a “heroic” act.

  5. Philip Horowitz they subscribe to them. I really do believe, although I have no proof as yet, that the Guardian is part-funded by Islamist organisations and that this stomach turning guff is churned out as a condition of that financial support.

  6. Kharmi’s being in the world is typical of the malignant and paranoid Islamist and she displays all the paranoid projection of that type. She really does WANT Israel to be a failed state, and because she wants this so much she makes it so in her mind. However, having lost any capability to reality-test, she speaks in public as if it is so and manages to ignore the glaring evidence to the contrary (described in ItsikdeWembley’s post above). From my own experience, only a severely deluded person can do that over time and mistaking wishful thinking for hard fact is a common cognitive distortion among people of her ilk.

    Being deluded, she is also the mistress of the mental filter so common and evident in the pronouncements of cognitively distorted Islamist, and the “Hidden Hand” paranoid imaginings portrayed as hard facts are evident in her buying into the conspiracy theories about Arafat’s death.

    I, too, believe that the Guardian knows full well what it is doing, that not only is it not blind to the damage it is doing, but that it actively facilitates it.

    It is a mouthpiece of Islamists, and, like Serendipity, I firmly believe it is being subsidised by Islamist organisations, perhaps from Saudi although I have no proof of it either. This is the parsimonious explanation for the Guardian’s wilful denial of reality, for its failure to present all sides of the I/P conflict and for its dishonesty and its echoing of the usual Islamist antiZionist tropes which shade seamlessly into Jew-hatred.

    It is a disgusting rag. I hope that it goes to the wall.

  7. And I never cease to me amazed (yes, that’s just a figure of speech) over CiF posters (albeit a tiny minority, it has to be said) who bring up Neturei Karta members as some kind of authoritative voices.

  8. Just another example of The Guardian dredging cesspools and giving what turns up in their nets a chance to publish their bigotry.

    The usual crowd are much more careful now that their ‘articles’ are examined critically by ‘you lot’. Some only seem to write once every two months while others, even less.

    Ghada Karmi may not have been aware of the vetting that her article on CiF has inspired.

  9. In a way articles from people like this Ghada Karmi,do helps us,her article was trash,and got trashed.

    If Israel is a failed state,then in what sort of state are the UK/EU, the PA,the hell hole that is called Gaza,and the rest of the Arab states,that are still mired in antediluvian Arabian desert customs.

    If given only half a chance half the Arab world move tomorrow to Israel “the failed state”

  10. My belief is that the Guardian has positioned itself for the middle-eastern market. According to David Shariatmadari, one of the commissioning editors for CIF Belief himself:
    Hi Adastram – although the Guardian is a British newspaper, Cif is international – as was pointed out the other day, it is read all over the world, but particularly in the Middle East, America and India.
    OutOfOptions: You’d be surprised by the extent to which Cif is picked up in the Middle East.

    It is in the Guardian’s financial interest – both now as it earns money from advertising and in the future when it charges for content – to capture this market and the best way to do so – the strategy – is to echo the Middle Eastern obsession with Israel and Jews. It is not an accident that Oliver Miles, a ‘retired diplomat’, is on their roster. Miles is chairman of MEC International (and deputy chairman of the Libyan British Business Council):

    MEC International Ltd offers to its clients a uniquely flexible tailor made marketing service in the Gulf, Middle East and Central Asian markets. MEC works with its clients on a project by project basis. Utilising its range of 40 –50 senior level consultants drawn from diplomacy, commerce, banking, financial services, journalism, IT and academia, and forming specific task forces to suit the needs of each particular client. MEC offers such services as business promotion, high level political contacts, partner identification, political and commercial risk assessments, due diligence and market surveys, and security audits and advisory services.

    Miles places articles in the Guardian to advance his clients’ interests.

  11. Duvidi:

    “but who needs Britain for a friend…”

    Duvidi, for the record the UK is the world’s 5th biggest arms exporter.

    I say we need them on our side.

  12. What amazes me is that if she hates thieves so much why on earth does she cares if Arafat was murdered?
    He got what he deserved after stealing so much from his people and giving it to his whore of a wife.