What the Guardian’s American columnists won’t report (American Imam: “Rise up against this hydra-headed monster which calls itself Zionism”

Via The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)

Dozens of people gathered in Washington’s DuPont Circle Friday morning [Sept 3] for the “Annual Al-Quds Day Rally for Justice in Palestine and the Oppressed Everywhere.

The Quds Day rally in Washington has become a gathering of the fringe of the fringe of rabidly anti-Israel demonstrators. Speakers included Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and two people who have espoused radical conspiracy theories at the Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA) annual conferences.

As Palestinian and Israeli leaders meet in peace negotiations just a few miles away, the speakers called for a rejectionist line on Israel.

“The time has come that we must stir up our ‘religious leaders’ in this country to speak the truth about Israel,” said Kaukab Siddiqi. “They must put their hands on the Quran and say that they do not recognize Israel as a legitimate entity. If they cannot do that, they must be branded as kaffirs [infidels]. It’s as simple as that. Because the Quran says – drive them out from where they drove you out.”

Here are snapshots of an IPT video of the Al-Quds Rally in Washington DC, Sept 3:

See video and rests of the essay, here.

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  1. One of the speakers:

    Rabbi Yisoroel Dovid Weiss (Neturei Karta International)

    Need we say more?

    Sorry I missed going down there to see it – though I didn’t notice any reports about it in the media anyway. A bit of a PR stunt with a very small audience, I suspect.

  2. We should understand the background of this Speech. Israel is doing MASSIVE BREACH to HUMAN RIGHTS by continue building Subdivisions over occupied Land of Palestinians (Occupied Territories which we call them Settlements). This is producing hate over Israeli and Jews and Zionists which is understandable. The professor is expressing the opinion of at least of 2 Billion people on earth and perhaps another 2 Billion which will vote against Israel right away when informed about the Settlement thing.

    Therefore, it is not about anti-semitism or Neutrei Karta or Muslims or etc….

    it is about the Right or Wrong, and the State of Israel is at Fault and shall be (in my opinon): Israel must be punished!

  3. MASSIVE BREACH? oooh you do go on! Israel has built on between 2 and 5 percent of disputed territory. If it were Land of Palestinians we wouldn’t need all this peace talk because we’d already have a settlement.

    You think it’s wrong and assume that billions stand behind you? Well look back and check — you need new specs.

  4. Greg, to compare Israel’s building homes on disputed territory (remember, right, that Jordan controlled the W. Bank for 20 years before 67) with the violence perpetrated by radical Islamic groups against other Muslims and non-Muslims alike is simply comical. By virtue of your argument – explaining Jew hatred by pointing to the actions of Israel – you would also be forced, by this logic, to justify hatred against Muslims by virtue of what Islamic regimes and movements (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Hamas, Hezbollah, Lybia, etc.) do in the name of Islam. (If you’d like, I can provide you with exact numbers of Muslims killed by other Muslims in political conflicts over the last year) Thanks for posting, though. Its always instructive to see the views of someone so viscerally hostile to Jews and Israel. You help us do our job better. So, here’s a shout-out to you!