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Time magazine’s alternative cover

No doubt you recall the Time magazine cover – and accompanying article – suggesting (based primarily on an interview with four Israelis in Tel Aviv) that Israeli Jews care more about making money than making peace. (See CiF Watch post of an essay by Victor Davis Hanson, “For Jews in Israel, money trumps all?”  from September 7th, here)  Hanson referred to the essay as probably the most anti-Semitic essay he has ever read in a mainstream publication.

Well, here, courtesy of Elder of Ziyon, we have the cover that Time would have run with if  Time journalist Karl Vick had incorporated available research of Palestinian intransigence – indicating, for instance, that only 13.7% of Palestinians reject the use of violence, and that nearly 95% desire a Palestinian state which encompasses the entire land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea (meaning, the rejection of an Israeli state within any borders) – not to mention widely documented examples of the Palestinian Authority’s consistent incitement of their population to hate and violence.

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  1. We all know here in CIF watch that under the line, in the comments section of articles in places like the Guardian have long been a safe haven for a anti-semetic discourse. But time magazine deciding to put it on the cover of their magazine signifies a very troubling trend. Willingness for the mainstream media to tolerate anti-semetic discourse in their comments for click-through rates, to proactive publishing of anti-semetic rhetoric on the front page of their magazine, where they can’t put it off as the sentiment of their readers, and where they don’t benefit from the increase in click-through which contributes to their profitability. For a more in-depth analysis of this development, see:

  2. The Time article was a sloppy piece of journalism – but it’s a massive distortion to assert that it “suggested that Israeli Jews care more about making money than making peace”.
    Sure, it featured a selective range of interviewed individuals – but also this:

    just 8% of Israeli Jews cited the conflict with Palestinians, putting it fifth behind education, crime, national security and poverty

    And your own piece here is very strangely selective, Adam. Why no mention of the survey that a majority of Palestinians (and Israelis) want a two-state solution?

  3. Pretzelberg,

    The majority of Palestinians want a two state solution??? That is not exactly the rosy picture I get, clicking on the link to Adam’s article from the 29th of August (What the Guardian won’t report (AWRAD poll of Palestinians: Only 13.7% oppose violence):

    Historic Palestine – from the Jordan River to the sea as a national homeland for Palestinians

    Essential 78.2%; Desirable 12.5%; Acceptable 4.3%; Tolerable 3.1%; Unacceptable 2.0%

    Congrats, pretz, I must have missed the headline in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida according to which you became the Palestinians’ spokesman 😉

  4. Pretzelberg,

    Can you provide a link to that other survey (according to which a majority of Palestinians want a two-state solution)?

  5. In fact the palestinians want a four state solution they want a state in Gaza,one in Israel,one in Judea and Samaria,and one in Jordan