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What the Guardian won’t report (Host to child on Palestinian Authority children’s show: “The Jews are our enemies, right?”)

Courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch:

Official Palestinian Children's TV Program, June 21, 2010

Everytime I think I can no longer be shocked by such state sanctioned hate, by either Hamas or the PA, I come across something that proves my assumption wrong.  I simply don’t know how any serious journalist can talk about impediments to the “peace process” without reporting on such vile commentary by official Palestinian TV.  Can it reasonably be argued that telling Palestinian children that “Jews are our enemies” is not anti-Semitic but, rather, merely anti-Zionist?

Further, given the Guardian’s obsession with Israel – and their talent at reporting on every imaginable Israeli sin (real and, mostly, imagined), I’d like to offer a challenge to our loyal CiF Watch readers.   Can someone find essays published at CiF over the past few years which reports on such officially state-sanctioned anti-Semitic incitement, by the Palestinian Authority, in the context of the “peace process”?  If so, please comment below.

Transcripts (See video below)

[PA TV (Fatah), June 21, 2010]

The host of a program about prisoners on official Palestinian Authority television described Jews as “our enemies” and Israeli soldiers as “wild animals” when she interviewed young children.

PA TV host Manal Seif interviews the young sister of prisoner Qussai Husam Radwan, who was sentenced to 13 months in prison:

Host: “Do they bother you, the Israeli army, the soldiers there [when visiting at the prison]?”

Girl: “Yes.”

Host: “They’re wild animals, right? Aren’t they wild animals?”

[PA TV (Fatah), June 17, 2010]

PA TV host Manal Seif interviews the four-year old son of prisoner Shadi Shbeita, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison:

Host: “Ibrahim, you know – you’re cute and sweet. You have a nice shirt and nice pants. You’re cool. Where’s Daddy? Where’s Daddy? Daddy Shadi – where is he? Where is Daddy Shadi?”

Boy: “In prison.”

Host: “Who put him in prison? Who is it that put him in prison?”

Boy: “The Jews.”

Host: “The Jews are our enemies, right?”

[Boy nods in agreement.]

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  1. And Israel believes it can made some sort of peace with these people? Abbas reminds me of Arafat – mewling in English that he only wants peace while in Arabic he is inciting jihad.

    See also Medusa’s excellent article “The Ultimage Betrayal” at

    Finally, let no-one tell me that these apologies for human beings differentiate between their hatred of the “Zionist entity” and their hatred of Jews.

    “Anti-Zionist not antisemitic” just lost whatever remained of its disingenuous claims.

  2. One of the provisions of all the peace treaties signed between the PA and Israel has concerned the flagrant brainwashing against Israel that their children receive. Nothing has ever been done about it. This misbehaviour and child abuse continues as it always has

    For this reason I believe that there should be penalty clauses for non-compliance in all future peace treaties.

  3. This constant incitement certainly does not instil confidence in any future peace agreement. Even if the incitement stopped tomorrow, there would still be people around brainwashed by it in 50 years’ time. The next generation of Palestinian leaders, and probably the one after that too, will be comprised of people who have been brainwashed into thinking this way about their neighbours. Very depressing.