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CiF Watch under attack!

CiF Watch is continuing to repel an assault from a gang of crude, unrepentant anti-Semites on our comment section, beneath the post entitledTime Magazine: The New Anti-Semitism Goes Front Page.”   While I’ve been diligently washing the filth off our comment floor, sadly, the assault is still in progress, and the nauseating stench from their hate strewn rhetoric still remains.

Here’s a sampling of the temporary infestation: (I’ve added some imagery to help our poor anti-Semitic friends further develop their crude stereotypes)

From what we can tell, it appears that commenters have come via a 9/11 conspiracy site, called “What Really Happened?”

On Jewish persecution of Christians through the ages (the “Christian Shoah”)

Jews are inhuman

On sinister Zionist indoctrination, and control of the world

The Jews were responsible for 9/11

As a Jew…

Jews (oops, sorry, “Zionists”) own the media

Jews enslave non-Jews

Jews as threats to “whites”

A threat to Jews that “our time is coming”

an iconic photo from anti-Semitic protest at the 2001 Durban Conference

Jewish blood lust

Jews idolize money

Image from the book, Der Giftpilz (The Poison Mushroom), which was published in 1938 by Julius Streicher

Stay tuned.  As of the time of this posting, the battle on our comment thread  was still raging.

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  1. It would be interesting to know what locations they’re posting from. It looks to me as if they’re paid up members of the David Duke tendency. They’re also taking the trouble to approve each other’s comments, too. Are any of them posters to the Graun under the names they’re using here?

  2. These people must be mentally sick as well as retarded. I can’t imagine minds so filled with hatred, except some who write btl on CiF.

    Well done, Adam for going at this with a broom, mop and strong disinfectant. Let us know if you need any help.

  3. Judy, take no notice of the approvals.

    I would not be surprised if some are CiF posters posting to the nazi site under different names.

    I haven’t the time to comb the “contributions” for similarities to the posts of the usual suspects, though. I ran out of rubber gloves.

  4. Adam

    I think that this is not an attack only a shitstorm. Stinks to the skies but can’t hurt anybody.
    It serves as a very sharp definitive and true picture of the Guardian CIF’s fellow travellers and allies and its true nature.

  5. Isn’t it interesting how prevalent anti-Semitism is among those also gullible enough to fall for assorted troofer theories? I guess it must have something to do with difficulties recognising reality.
    However, that doesn’t explain the bad spelling and grammar or the lack of sense of humour.

  6. what a bunch if sickos, I was going to say they must all be mental asylum patients but then I would be doing the real mental asylum patients an injustice.

  7. peter- and of course no mention of the phosphorus:

    Two phosphorous mortars were fired at southern Israel from Gaza on Wednesday, Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told The Jerusalem Post.

    “A police bomb disposal team examined a number of mortars that were fired today. We can confirm that two out of the nine mortars contained phosphorous,” Rosenfeld added.

  8. Terry – I’m sure Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Catherine Ashton are all working on their condemnations as we speak….

  9. I’m wondering if CiF Watch can develop some guidelines for comments in the wake of these posts. It’s tricky, because until now CiF Watch has been a place where comments could be made without fear of deletion. I’m a big believer in free speech, and I think that, generally speaking, the antidote to hate speech is more speech, better speech, and not suppression of speech. That said, if individuals or groups can manipulate internet forums through mass comments it creates a situation that the forum was not designed to handle. I’m interested in hearing other views.

  10. Terry Malloy I agree generally. In this instance it seems that this forum was being deliberately flamed, targeted by some hate group who sent their trolls here in force. There was no discussion, just insult.

    I’m happy to discuss any reasonable point but that was stifling.

  11. They just take up too much space and time in a blog where few volunteers are responsible for maintenance and moderation where necessary.

    Their filth is the same old perseverative effluent and their idea of discussion is to go back and forth on ad homs if anyone bites.

  12. If they confine themselves to the one thread, then I think we can confine ourselves to pointing fingers and laughing.

    If they start crapping over several threads, then that’s more of a problem because then the grown-ups can’t talk.

  13. The impression I get from these comments is that those writing them probably ought to concentrate on getting laid, at least once in their lives.

    Only repressed sexual frustration could give rise to that sort of filth. I am convinced it’s what they get off on.

  14. It really truly is the most phenomenal disease out there isn’t it?

    Quite remarkable. A sickness of the soul.

    To be a member of this hate group you need to be constantly foaming at the mouth.
    And if you are crippled and can’t goose step sufficiently then you’re out. Goose stepping is a must.
    If you can type the hate messages and do the Goose march at the same time you’ll become an honoury member for your unique talent.

    What a complete demonic freak show.

    Adam would you pls tell them from rutytutty to stick their heads back up their backsides and to goose step around like that in a very close proximity to a cliff edge.


  15. You can bet on it that most of those posts came from posters that post on CiF.

    These are born losers who in their daily life have a lot of time on their hands to post crap.

  16. These posters actually seem to be of a couple of different ideological stripes who are united only by their antisemitism (and since they all seem to have attacked CiF Watch at the same time, they probably read the same anti-Semitic website.)

    Marvin is speaking as a Christian anti-Semite. Unambiguously a right-winger.

    TruthBeTold seems to be a crazy since she shifts from the old Christian Deicide charge against “the Jews” to also being an anti-Christian after deciding that the Christians are in on the conspiracy, yet also invoking Lucifer. Once the claim that the Holocaust detracts from the suffering of Africans at the hands of the European powers is made, I’m inclined to guess is that TruthBeTold is at least somewhat sympathetic to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

    Smokingmirrors is just a standard paranoid conspiracy theorist type of anti-Semite with talk about 9/11 and the Rothchilds. Hard to tell he or she is from the left or the right.

    Rampaging Manatee is a standard Palestinian-solidarity style anti-Semite.

    ZIONISMmadeMEdoIT, like TruthBeTold, is one of those anti-Semites who doesn’t believe that Jews are really Semites anyway, which leads to the crazy proposition that it’s okay to hate Jews so long as you believe that they’re really not Semitic but rather a Turkic people such as the Khazars pretending to be Semitic.

    The rest of them are vague enough with their hate that I can’t discern a specific ideological species.

  17. betonit

    You can bet on it that most of those posts came from posters that post on CiF.

    There’s no way of knowing that. Others have pointed to another source.

  18. The formatting has evidently, it seems, gone wild over the last few hours.

    The first sentence of my last post was at any rate not mine.

  19. Jews can’t win (well, figuratively). Rachel Shabi and Mya Guarnieri accuse all those white Ashkenazi Jews of making life miserable for black people (well, Mizrachi people) and these turds claim the non-White Jews are polluting the wonderful White race.

    I really don’t know who to believe.

  20. Too bad for nazi filth that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi filth infested Europe.

    Here is a nice link to the IDF, the Israel Defense Force.

    And here is a link to a video of the defeated national Socialist nazi filth SURRENDERING UNCONDITIONALLY to the US, UK and SU.

  21. dont you get a notification of the ip addy of each commenter?

    but where are the deir yassin, remember the liberty and rachel corrie lives posts?

  22. I’ve noticed that in general the level of internet noise from the Israel haters has increased dramatically since the resumption of peace talks.

    A peace deal is the worst possible scenario for the defamers, deligitimizers and anti-Semites because it marginalises them. They would rather Palestinians live in perpetual war and misery so they have something to shout about. What we are witnessing now is their death rattle.

    I suspect Netanyahu understands this, he’s a very clever guy.

  23. Mitnaged
    September 15, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    “I would not be surprised if some are CiF posters posting to the nazi site under different names”.

    Why bother to change names? I’m sure the contents of their comments are similar and welcome on both sites.

  24. I still feel that this recent bunch of anti-Semitic posters represent an ideologically diverse group with antsemitism as their only unifying principle. Some of them would never want to imagine themselves reading any explicitly neo-Nazi propaganda, though they wouldn’t recognize it as such if it were repackaged as say, Black-nationalist, or far-left, or Pan-Arabism, or represented as some pre-Nazi strain of antisemitism.

  25. “A peace deal is the worst possible scenario for the defamers, deligitimizers and anti-Semites because it marginalises them. They would rather Palestinians live in perpetual war and misery so they have something to shout about.”

    I too, have noticed that. Hell, even though Fatah has in recent years been able to keep the peace on the West Bank and even improve the standard of living for the Palestinians living there, they still prefer Hamas (who have been able to accomplish neither.)

  26. Israelinurse, you wrote:

    “Isn’t it interesting how prevalent anti-Semitism is among those also gullible enough to fall for assorted troofer theories?”

    It’s actually very much in keeping with the paranoia prevalent in the Middle East since all troofer theories hold the ‘Three Satans’ – USA, UK and Israel – to be the dark forces seeking to kill us all and take over the world. It’s never say, Spain, India, China or New Zealand is it?

  27. @ Matt “..A peace deal is the worst possible scenario for the defamers, deligitimizers and anti-Semites because it marginalises them. They would rather Palestinians live in perpetual war and misery so they have something to shout about. What we are witnessing now is their death rattle…”

    I agree with you that a peace deal is the worst possible scenario for these scum because if there was peace they would lose their raison d’etre. I have read here before, and it certainly makes sense to me, that their hatred makes these dolts feel alive, it is like a drug and if there were to be a peace deal then they would have to be without their fix and withdraw “cold turkey.”

    As for the death rattle, again, I really hope so.

  28. Ian Thal, you may well be right, but how effective can such a rabble be if it is united by hatred, which is inevitably rooted in the past, rather than a genuine wish to move forward?

    I agree that they couldn’t give a monkeys for the “poor Palestinians” whose cause they claim to espouse – and probably know even less about their day to day lives – but so driven are they, so cranked up by each other into more and more hatred that they cannot seem to stop themselves. In theory they ought to self-combust.

    Someone, I think on the thread which actually had to deal with the troofer/Israel hating filth, said of one of them that he really needed to get a life and get laid, and I believe that a lot of this aggression is due to inability to have any sort of meaningful relationship, let alone a sexual one. So much testosterone and so little natural release for it!

  29. SarahLeah, a few years ago I undertook a little research into the troofer world. This came about because I knew someone whose life was being utterly wrecked by it. So I monitored a few forums to see a) how best to help her and b) because Brian Paddick (one-time London Mayoral candidate) made a statement to the effect that belief in conspiracy theories was having a negative impact on some communities which the government shouldn’t dismiss.

    What I saw on these forums was varied; knee-jerk reaction to almost anything; inability to de-construct the theory under discussion thereby seeing the obvious flaws; superiority – a kind of derision applied to the non-troofer ‘sheeple’ who were blind to the truths of Icke et al ; lonely and scared people and, sadly, some who were very obviously mentally ill. The latter were being actively encouraged to believe their own paranoid stories.

    Icke’s site- amongst others – pumps out fear on a daily basis. It’s his stock-in-trade, along with his very famous ‘problem-reaction-solution’, a phrase I find quite ingenious because, being retrospective, it is unlikely to be wrong and makes him appear to be ahead of the game.

    Before I shut-up about the troofer world, my favourite incident was when one forum decided it had to charge people per post. Now, a few weeks prior to this the buzz was about the imminent closure of the internet by the ‘dark forces’ who had realised it was the medium by which people were wising up to the ‘reality’. It was a theme off-repeated thereafter. How odd, then, that when this ‘pay per post’ charge was being levied, there was an option for an *annual* payment. And not a single person noticed the anomaly. This is typical of almost every theory going. The obvious flaw is there but the believers just don’t see it.