Laila El-Haddad – a study in contradictions

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Laila El-Haddad, she of “Gaza was never a place with a quantitative food shortage…“, issued another communique via CiF – her media channel of choice. This time the subject is Gaza left out in the cold. If it is not immediately clear what kind of cold Laila means this time, the lede answers:

The US-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and Israeli policy seek to exclude residents of the Gaza Strip.

One can easily imagine Gazans, desperate for peace talks, knocking on the locked gates of the peace talks castle… but Laila, who is not too clever and shows herself a consistently poor propagandist, destroys this effect immediately:

Ask any resident of Gaza what their thoughts are on the US-sponsored “direct talks” between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas’s Ramallah government, and you’re likely to hear one of three responses:

1) Surely, you jest;

2) Something’s rotten in Ramallah;

3) Negotiations?

Are you still under the illusion that Gazans want to take part in the peace talks? If you still are, Gazans made sure that their position on the peace talks is expressed in a clear and unequivocal manner.

And then, in the time honored tradition, Laila throws in the usual:

Though Israeli disengaged from Gaza in 2005, access and movement of goods and people in Gaza as well as airspace, sea space and population registration remain under Israeli control – all a critical part of any discussion on Palestinian statehood.

Too bad. This oft-repeated half-lie demands a repeat quiz from an old post of mine.

To ease the burden of answering these questions, multiple options are provided.

When IDF left Gaza strip, the purpose of this was:

1. To ensure Zionist control of the strip
2. To blockade 1.5 million of Gazans
3. To let Gazans manage their own lives and to become good neighbors
4. To free some military resources for upcoming war with Andorra

The airport built in Gaza strip was later destroyed by IDF because of:

1. Differences of opinion on the airport architecture
2. A need to create a new football field in the place
3. Continuing attacks on Israel from Gaza strip
4. Arafat piloting his plane in a way that clashed with FAA regulations

The plans for a seaport in the Gaza strip were scrapped because of:

1. Objections of environmental lobby in Gaza
2. Overabundance of jellyfish in the area
3. Growing use of the sea routes by Gazans to smuggle weapons
4. The area being too shallow for 6th fleet ships to anchor

The further deterioration of the situation in Gaza was caused by:

1. Bird flu
2. Hamas ascendance to power and sharp increase in flying objects crossing the border with Israel
3. Disagreements between Hamas and Israel on finer points of international cuisine (humus)

The closing of the border crossings between Gaza and Israel was caused by:

1. Insufficient manpower for management of the crossings
2. Continuing attacks over the border, including attacks on the crossings themselves
3. Lack of interest for employment in Israel on the side of Gazans
4. Clash between Muslim and Jewish religious holidays

The thousand of flying objects mentioned above are:

1. Doves, released by uncounted peace groups in Gaza to symbolize their desire for peace
2. Postcards from Gazan kids to the Israeli kids
3. A novel way to expedite the exchange of information between parties
4. Qassam rockets launched to kill Israeli citizens indiscriminately

Yeah, Laila, so why don’t you take the quiz?

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  1. So long “Crazy Water Park” in Gaza. Sad…


    Gaza water park burned by arsonists

    The Gaza water park was burnt to the ground on Saturday night by arsonists who tied up and blindfolded the security guard, poured fuel all over the park and then set it on fire.

    Unknown assailants set fire to a water resort park on Sunday west of Gaza City, causing extensive damage, owners said.

    Ala Al-Araj, the chairman of the Crazy Water resort’s board, said assailants poured fuel around the resort at 3 a.m and set fire to it, after tying up and blindfolding the park’s security guards.

    Gaza police and the attorney general closed the park off after the arson, he said, but accused police of failing to provide sufficient protection.

    He said the lucrative parts of the water resort sustained extensive damage in the fire.

  2. “Hamas is worse than Sharon worse than Israel”

    From the mouth of Zaid Zaranda,his fiancee was murdered because these two were seen walking by the sea and Hamas decided this act was so immoral that she deserved to die.

    Gaza left out in the cold,and that’s where they deserve to stay.

    Who else but the Guardian could commission articles from this Laila,they deserve each other.

  3. Laila El-Hadad and her family have been living in the USA for many years now, with occasional short visits to Gaza. Her husband is an opthalmologist, and Laila herself does very well out of peddling the “Gaza Mom” and the “Palestinian Refugees” themes in her writings and lectures.
    I used to read her blog for a while back at the hight of the second Intifada, by way of “getting to know the other side”, but got thorougly fed up with her highly selective “reporting”, and her general clinging to those victimhood themes which are not really part of her life, but rather a career choice.

    hert blog:

  4. Laila Haddad’s articles are just too easy to pick holes in. One wonders why a newspaper like the Guardian consistently uses writers of such a low calibre. Their aim might have been thought to be parodic but their faithful fans still believe, or at least support, every word.

  5. Laila Hadad’s article was leaking ,after so many holes were poked into it that left it devoid of any substance.

    Why does the Guardian employ Fourth rate writers,because they are cheap in every meaning of the word,and they write anti-Israeli articles.

    Just read Bella Mack’ dum-dum tweets on Twitter,that will give you an indication of the level of the Guardians staff.

    Bella’s dad the Rustbucket’s Tweets are not much better.

  6. Sorry I have to go back to “GGG”.

    It is not a goat but a sheep.
    Goats do not have wool and the shape of their ears is different.
    They flop downwards rather than side ways.

    The skull is longer and the jew is narrower.
    Their teeth are different as well.

    You know much about politics but you realy need to get your back side (and kids, or grand kids, assuming you have any) to a petting zoo.
    Sukot holiday sounds a good time to do that.

    And wash your hands after petting animals in a petting zoo…
    Especialy in Berkshire…

  7. Derek,

    I was very light on my comment, and for those who fear I am not going to lose my day job!

    (I hear a sigh of relief…)

    I was refering to the old post though it is well off topic.

    As for drinking the water of Gaza;
    I was under the impression that it has been poluted for the past 4 years.
    funny how come no rising cases of ecoli and other illnesses related to drinking infested water haven’t been on the rise in Gaza.

    But Derek, perhaps by saying “the funny Gaza water” you actualy means the large amount of Chives regal found in the houses of Hamas leaders…