Hamas posts new Schalit animated clip (Shows Schalit with two masked men and ends with the sound of gunshots)

Per the Jerusalem Post

Hamas posted a video of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit on YouTube on Monday, suggesting he would be killed if a deal was not soon reached.
In the animated video, two masked men are show standing on either side of Gilad Schalit in a dark room, with one of them holding an AK-47 assault rifle.  At the end of the 24-second video, gun shots are heard as the movie goes black and the words “Is the mission completed?” are seen written in Arabic.

That Hamas is depraved enough to produce and distribute such a vile video is not surprising but still should sicken anyone with a modicum of moral decency.  In other words, expect more pimping for the terrorist group by the likes of Laila El-Haddad and her fellow columnists at the Guardian.


(Update, September 22: Ynet and other news sources are now reporting that Hamas has denied responsibility for the video.  We’ll continue to monitor such reports, and update the story as needed.)

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  1. I said on another thread that Islamism has ceased to shock me and it’s true. This however is sickening evidence of the psychopathy of the Islamist thugs to whom Israel is expected to make concessions.

  2. More evidence, if any were needed, of a grotesque, vile, depraved , sadistic death cult, the Nazis of our time.

  3. The Arabic caption at the end says “Will the mission end!!” (Sic – with exclamation marks, not question marks). Sick.
    There is no adjective strong enough to describe how low Hamas is. “Savage barbarians”, “blood-thirsty” are compliments for those SOBs.

  4. Even if that video has CGI elements (which, to be honest, it looks like), any Hamas vid featuring Schalit is a war crime acc. to the Geneva Convention.

  5. Israel should bomb the studios where these videos are made.Gilad Shalit is rotting in Gaza and the Israeli government is helpless in getting him out.

    The Mossad can operate in far away Dubai,but not in next door Gaza.


  6. pretzelberg do you remember how Hamas did a show about Gilad Shalit as part of their celebrations in which one of their men pretended to be Shalit, crying for his mother? A crowd of thousands laughed and cheered. That was also an infringement of the Geneva Conventions but you couldn’t find that in any of our newspapers in the west.

    And do you honestly believe that Hamas would tell the truth? If it walks like a sadist, talks like a sadist, acts like a sadist then it is a sadist and Hamas are sadists.

  7. Hamas is claiming that it has nothing to do with the video,Hamas also claims that is has nothing to do with the phosphorus missiles that Hamas shoots into Israel.

  8. @ Snigger

    Of course I don’t take Hamas at their word! But they have in the past claimed responsibility for murderous acts (most recently the West Bank murders) that decent people would be desperate to dissociate themselves from. Why would they deny they were behind the video? Perhaps they had second thoughts, despite actually making the video. But is it not possible that they did not make it?

  9. Gilad Shalit is Hamas’ principal bargaining tool in its “negotiations” with Israel. I believe that Hamas indeed shot this film and broadcast it because it would be entirely in keeping with its collective psychopathy and in an attempt to push the issue of prisoner exchanges.

    Hamas is as mad as hell because, although its charter says that peace negotiations with Jews are a waste of time and are against sharia law, it wanted to be invited to the new negotiations so that it could refuse to attend them.

    Of course it was not invited.

    I have absolutely no doubt that some faction within Hamas posted this video although it could be that the Hamas leadership knew nothing about it. If that is the case (and I very much doubt it) Hamas is lying that it is not responsible, since it is the government of Gaza and has responsibility for everything done there.

    And, as Snigger says above, such a video is entirely in keeping with Hamas’ sadism and psychopathic mockery of the anguish of Gilad Shalit’s parents and of Gilad Shalit himself.

    Hamas members lie as easily as they breathe. I don’t believe that they did not post it. What teases me is why they are trying to wriggle off the hook. Who might have put pressure on them? Could this be evidence of more interfaction fighting?

  10. pretzelberg, psychopaths don’t have second thoughts unless their interests are threatened, in which case they are good at pretending regret. In order to have second thoughts you need to have a conscience of sorts. Being psychopaths Hamas have no consciences.

    If they did have second thoughts, why not apologise rather than lie about making the video?

  11. I am teased by the update above. One of the things I admire about CiFWatch is its honesty and the update above is entirely in keeping with this.

    However, please don’t let’s take our collective eye off the ball. Hamas is the most brutal and barbaric entity since Hitler’s Nazis, upon which many of the policies of its older brother, Hizballah, (including the genocide of Jews followed swiftly by other kufar) are modelled. It treats its own people with contempt and its enemies with barbarity.

    As Serendipity says it lies as easily as it breathes. I would need a great deal more than its word that it did not set out to torture Shalit, his parents and Israel in general by releasing this film, which is commensurate with its psychopathic behaviour towards Shalit and Israelis hitherto.

    Psychopathy is an incurable condition.