Glasses and Bottles

This piece on the English Defence League (EDL) was posted recently at Modernity Blog, and is part of CiF Watch’s ongoing conversation and debate about the EDL.

The true character of the EDL was revealed over the weekend.

They sought conflict in Oldham and when the police tried to restrain them the police were attacked with glasses and bottles.

As Nick Lowles reported:

“A hundred EDL supporters turned up unannounced in Oldham town centre yesterday in a worryingly new development. While they ostensibly claimed to be marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and indeed they did lay a wreath, the nature of their mobilisation could be a sign of things to come.

The EDL met up in the Greaves Arms and marched through Oldham town centre to the local cenotaph where they laid a wreath and held a two minutes silence. Among those there were a number of current and former BNP members, including Griffin’s former bodyguard and convicted drug dealer Jock Shearer. The police moved in to break up the gang and they were met with a volley of glasses and bottles. A number of people were served with dispersal orders (Section 27 of the Public Order Act) which banned them from the town for 24 hours.

It was clear that many EDL supporters are becoming increasing frustrated at how the police have contained them in recent protests, not least in Bradford, where they were penned in by police and an eight foot wall. A growing number seem keen to just go it alone with spontaneous actions.

I’m nervous about where this is all going and I fear a growing cycle of both targeted and indiscriminate violence by EDL supporters. Some are actively hunting down their opponents, including myself, while actions like we saw yesterday in Oldham could spark off real violence within communities. And of course violence is what these people are after.”

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  1. “…And of course violence is what these people are after.”

    And curiously enough, this is how Islamists see the end of days after which Jews and Christians will die.

    Shame on the EDL for giving them what they want.

  2. If the choice were to be between the EDL or the radical muslims and their butt kissing left Guardian reading supporters.

    It would be a very easy choice.

  3. The EDL needs to open branches in the rest of the EU.They seem to be the only ones who are taking the spread of radical Islam seriously.

  4. I don’t think behavior vis avis the UK police is a good yardstick to measure the EDLs fascism or lack thereof.

    It was after all the police who opened fire on them during this summer
    When was the last time the UK police fired on demonstrators?

    Norther Ireland? The miner strikes?



    When I see the police firing on Jihadis burning flags and calling for mass murder openly on the streets, I could determine that they will be good arbiters of street reality.
    At this stage, they seem to have decided that shooting at one side will cost less in “social cohesion”.

  5. Check the face of the grey hoodie left hand side, 7th from bottom.

    He’s smile says it all.

    Oh, the joy of brotherhood thugery.

    in contrary to what the EDL say, there is no different between them and “soldiers of Allah” groups.

  6. EDLsympathiser, they are certainly the only ones who are going about combating it in totally the wrong way.

    Far from seeing the EDL as an effective force against Islamism, I perceive them to be a disorganised rabble, possessed of similar lack of impulse control and lack of intelligence as Islamists who act out for no good reason than the wind has changed direction.

    It matters little to me what they may say they stand for – their behaviour shows them to be the thugs they are, and I don’t want them grunting up for me. There are far better ways to undermine the influence of Islamism, but these require at least a modicum of intelligence and a lot of self-control if they are to be effective, and this lot are like children who want their candy NOW!

    Their leadership should look to organising itself better and excluding the barely-formed neanderthals their demonstrations attract if they want to be effective.

  7. “The police moved in to break up the gang and they were met with a volley of glasses and bottles”

    Is there any evidence of this, other than the assertion of the Spotlight magazine editor?

    I remember exactly the same evidence being said in the Blair Peach case, until photographic evidence proved otherwise.

    I can see bottles of water being thrown (they’re thrown at pop concerts) but is there any evidence the police were showered with glass bottles? If they were I would have expected a number of horrific injuries.