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Matthew Gould: Britain's new Ambassador to Israel

Middle East Monitor (MEMO) is one of those nasty anti-Israel think-tanks which aims to win the ear of the political establishment.

It describes itself as “an independent media research institution founded in the United Kingdom to foster a fair and accurate coverage in the Western media of Middle Eastern issues and in particular the Palestine Question.”

Fair and accurate? Pull the other one.

They won’t even let you into one of their meetings if they disagree with your views.

Now MEMO asks: Is Britain’s new ambassador to Israel really going to be objective?

The question under discussion is:

“Can a Jewish ambassador to Israel ever be truly objective when advising his home government on relations with the Jewish state? That is going to be the big question for Britain’s new ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, who has just taken up residence in Tel Aviv.

This is not the first time the someone’s Jewish background has been held against them recently in the media. When respected historians Sir Martin Gilbert and Sir Lawrence Freedman were appointed to the panel of the Chilcot Enquiry to investigate the Iraq War Oliver Miles, a former British ambassador to Libya, wrote in The Independent:

“Both Gilbert and Freedman are Jewish, and Gilbert at least has a record of active support for Zionism. Such facts are not usually mentioned in the mainstream British and American media, but The Jewish Chronicle and the Israeli media have no such inhibitions, and the Arabic media both in London and in the region are usually not far behind. All five members have outstanding reputations and records, but it is a pity that, if and when the inquiry is accused of a whitewash, such handy ammunition will be available. Membership should not only be balanced; it should be seen to be balanced.”

Should being Jewish really disqualify them from all aspects of political life involving Middle Eastern matters?

And yet I wish I had a pound for the amount of times that someone’s Jewish background has been utilised to make a political point when it is to Israel’s detriment.

Richard Goldstone, who in his shabbily investigated report into Operation Cast Lead found Israel guilty of war crimes, has repeatedly had his objectivity placed beyond reproach solely because he is Jewish.

Then people who call for boycotts against Israel and march through London holding Hezbollah and Hamas flags think themselves beyond reproach with regards to anti-Semitism because they have a few communist Jews and the extreme religious Jewish sect of the Neturei Karta marching alongside them.

And now MEMO highlights the new British Ambassador to Israel’s Judaism as being a possible hindrance to his objectivity and raises the age-old issue of Jewish loyalty to the country in which they are citizens.

MEMO writes:

Despite Matthew Gould’s claim to be “a career diplomat”, his previous service as the principal private secretary to Labour’s David Miliband (also a member of North London’s increasingly influential Jewish community) when he was Foreign Secretary suggests that Conservative Mr. Cameron is indeed playing the Jewish card with this appointment. But for whose benefit: Britain’s or Israel’s?

This despite Cameron recently calling Gaza a “prison camp”!

Apparently Gould lost eight close relatives in the Holocaust and the MEMO article continues:

“Without wishing in any way to diminish the significance of the Holocaust on the psyche of Jews in Israel and the Diaspora – and the need to ensure that “never again” will a powerful militarised state be able to commit genocidal acts without being called to account for its actions – it is this “visceral” link which surely calls into doubt Matthew Gould’s ability to be a critical friend of Israel.”

But politicising the deaths of six million Jews in this way does “diminish the significance of the Holocaust”!

This is all despite Matthew Gould being a model British citizen, serving Britain to the best of his abilities and paying his share of taxes to support Britain’s needs.

Now the only apparent problem is that he’s Jewish.

And because he is Jewish MEMO perniciously describes Gould as “in all but name, a person with dual citizenship rights”.

In 1883, with Jews scattered across the globe and vicious pogroms against them the norm in Eastern Europe Moshe Lilienblum wrote in “The Future of Our People” the following prescient piece about smearing Jews:

“The opponents of nationalism see us as uncompromising nationalists, with a nationalist God and a nationalist Torah; the nationalists see us as cosmopolitans, whose homeland is wherever we happen to be well off. Religious Gentiles say that we are devoid of any faith, and the freethinkers among them say that we are Orthodox and believe in all kinds of nonsense; the liberals say that we are conservative and the conservatives call us liberal. Some bureaucrats and writers see us as the root of anarchy, insurrection and revolt; and the anarchists say we are capitalists, the bearers of the biblical civilization, which is, in their view, based on slavery and parasitism. Officialdom accuses us of circumventing the laws of the land – that is, of course, the laws directed specifically against us….Musicians like Richard Wagner charge us with destroying the beauty and purity of music. Even our merits are turned into shortcomings: “Few Jews are murderers.” they say, “because the Jews are cowards.” This, however, does not prevent them from accusing us of murdering Christian children.”
(The Makings of Modern Zionism, Shlomo Avineri, 1981)

In employing someone’s religious background so gratuitously in order to try to smear that person ignorant organisations like MEMO display that, for some, Lilienblum’s thesis is still intact today, 127 years later.

(For more commentary see here and here).

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  1. Masterly article by Richard!
    Look at the pernicious reference to Miliband, a nudge-nudge-wink-wink implication that “all the Jew boys stick together”.
    This is despite Miliband being raised in a non-practising and Marxist household.
    And that “dual loyalty” stuff is really alive and kicking now that antisemitism has become “respectable” again. I even had a Guardianista insist to me that Jews (of all countries) have dual citizenship – that all Jews are automatically citizens of Israel and have two passports. She would not accept my denial.
    At this rate the “New Antisemites” will soon be drawing up a list prescribing which occupations Jews may and may not follow!

    • It is just a fact is that many Jews are loyal only to Jews and to Israel and not to anyone else in the nation they live in, not to any consistent moral code.

      This is not debatable, it is obvious.

      Many are raised to believe they are part of a victimized group that everyone else on the Earth hates due to their intellectual and moral superiority. Hence nobody outside the group can be trusted and loyalty can only be given to the group.

      Gould would not have gotten this post were he not an Israel Firster, loyal Zionist jew. And this is not helpful to anyone.

      There is no problem with having a jewish person in this post. Just not one who has been infected by this victimized, Zionist sickness

      • Joe apart from several factually wrong and illogical statements in your post, there is one that I can agree with.

        “This is not debatable, it is obvious. ”

        What’ is not debatable’ is your rampant, and nauseating, anti-semitism.
        What ‘is obvious’ is you are clearly in need of treatment and I sincerely hope that whatever country is unfortunate to have you living in it has a mental health system capable of coping with your needs.

  2. Yvetta:

    “…I even had a Guardianista insist to me that Jews (of all countries) have dual citizenship – that all Jews are automatically citizens of Israel and have two passports. She would not accept my denial.”

    That brings me back to 2000.
    Takes me back to a conversation I had with a somali colleague.
    He pointed out that I am from a settlement. I told him that I never lived in a settlement but always lived in Israel and the WB or Gaza.

    He then went around suggesting that all the Israeli jews serve in the army to which I answered that many like me didn’t finish the army because of medical reasons such as epilepsy and other problems.

    He refuted that saying “you are a liar like all Jews”.

    At this point a stared at him straight in his eyes asking if he wanted to take it outside.

    he changed his tune saying “only joking…” (as if that would have been believable).

    I later learned from a friend that the day after September 11 that factory (which happened to be owned by an x Israeli) hulted its work for 2 minutes silence.

    every ones were asked to show respect and if any had a problem they could walk away so not to disturb.

    That Somali guy marched straight into the centre shouting anti American slogans etc.

    These are the people who “know” everything about the Jewish state and the Jews.
    They will not accept any other explanation because they are backward thinkers or trapped in their own imaginative reality.

  3. Itsik, when the library I was working in back in 2001 had two minutes’ silence for 9/11, everybody – staff and readers alike – stood at their places when the signal sounded, but one of the “radicals” pointedly strutted through the silent throng, making a deliberate clattering thud as he exited the door to the stairs. What scum.

  4. “an independent media research institution founded in the United Kingdom to foster a fair and accurate coverage”

    As evidenced early on in the article cited, which states:

    “Israel is not a normal state in that it ignores international laws and conventions on a routine basis, and does so with apparent impunity. David Cameron’s description of Gaza under Israel’s siege as “a prison camp” was welcome but it did not disguise the fact that the British Prime Minister, like his predecessors, is a declared supporter of the state established on Palestinian land in 1948.”

    And it rapidly gets worse:

    “David Miliband (also a member of North London’s increasingly influential Jewish community)”

    Oh dear. Call me a raving Likudnik Zionist, but I sense just a hint of odious bias there.

    That said: would Richard acknowledge that the similarly titled MEMRI and CAMERA are likewise far from objective?

  5. Lilienblum’s analysis of the Jewish dilemma in the Diaspora is as true as it ever was. In Vienna, Budapest and Berlin around the year 1900, it was debated ad infinitum.

    Today, you only need to consider the fate of the American-Jewish spy, Jonathan Pollard.

    Of course, if you don’t like it, you can try to escape your family destiny and assimilate into the wider post-Christian society. Or you can emigrate to Israel and live a more ‘normal life’. Or else you can sigh philosophically and repeat the old Yiddish dictum :” it’s hard to be a Jew..”

    Religious Jews don’t have such a hard time of it, either in Israel or in the Diaspora. They know we’re ‘a people apart’. Perhaps the solution is a return to Yiddishkeit? It hasn’t worked for me yet, but it’s never too late, eh?

  6. Pretzelberg,

    “That said: would Richard acknowledge that the similarly titled MEMRI and CAMERA are likewise far from objective?”

    Let me understand: do you think that MEMRI is “far from objective”??
    I hope your arguments (in case I understood you correctly, and you do think that MEMRI isn’t objective) are a bit more intelligent that Whitaker’s…

  7. One look at the people staffing this organization and its list of advisors is enough for one to judge the worth of any article published under its auspices.
    I doubt if even such a pro-Arab body as the FCO pays any attention to what it has to say.

  8. Yvetta, I was teaching at a Further Education college in north London at the time of 9/11 and the college, too, had a formal period of silence in memory of those who had died.

    There were many Muslim students at the college and many of them showed respect but a hard core of about a dozen tried to disrupt the silence, including a member of staff whom everyone shunned afterwards for the rest of the day….

  9. (cont.)

    So what’s to be done if neither aliya nor Yiddishkeit nor total assimilation seems a feasible option hereabouts. Kvetching and breast-beating is much easier, though – but will it bring a catharsis or just prolong the suffering? God knows, but he ain’t speaking. Silence is golden..

  10. Ah, actually, the belief that Jews are going to be biased towards Israel is not racist, it’s a real correlation. The funny thing is, you guys accuse Goldstone of being biased against Israel, when in fact his report clearly showed the fact that he was biased for Israel. No surprise when you consider his background.

  11. Ah, actually, the belief that the British are going to be biased towards Israel is not racist, it’s a real correlation. No surprise when you consider their background.

  12. MindTheCrap, indeed, good name. I never said anything against British people. How about you figure that out. You’re putting words in my mouth. There is no connection between being British and Israel, but there is a connection between Israel and Judaism. Maybe if Israel stopped declaring themselves a Jewish state, then people would stop associating Jews with Israel. Instead, Israel goes around right and left saying they are a Jewish state, when Obama takes Israel to task then they say it’s anti-semitism. By associating Jews with Israel I’m just taking them AT THEIR WORD.