The Guardian’s Donkey Logic

CiF writer Omar Rahman penned a quite predictable anti-Israel piece on Sept 22, criticizing Israel’s request to be acknowledged as a Jewish state (while seemingly not bothered by the 60 or so nations who insist on being called Islamic states.)  His piece, not surprisingly, produced this boilerplate “Zionism = Racism” diatribe by a commenter called, yes, “Donkey Logic”.

For anyone interested, here is the list of officially Islamic states:

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  1. He seems not to know the first part of Northern Ireland’s name: “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and…”. Also that the IRA never had plans to wipe us all out and take over the mainland.

    They weren’t doing what they did for Allah, either.

  2. Let’s not forget the good old UK, a Protestant state where the monarch is head of the only officially established church, and cannot by law marry a Catholic.

    The existence of the established Church of England is clearly a “contradiction with serious complications”, which makes the United Kingdom an apartheid racist country. Planned, no doubt hundreds of years ago by British bigots who foresaw the arrival of millions of Muslims to these shores.