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Italy and Europe Rally for Israel

This was published at Pajamas Media by Phyllis Chesler

I have been writing about a possible Second Holocaust against the Jewish state for a long time now.

I am pleased—but that is not the right word—I am saddened, sobered, frightened, by the fact that others have now joined me in this view. Many of the distinguished academic presenters at Yale University’s superb conference on global anti-Semitismshared at least a part of this vision.

Aaron Klein wrote a book with the terrifying title: The Late Great State of Israel. Recently, Italian Parliamentarian and author of Israel is Us: A Journalist’s Odyssey in Understanding the Middle East, Fiamma Nirenstein, asked me to write a piece for the important Italian newspaper, Il Foglio. My piece will appear in their pages right before an October 7th rally for Israel which will take place in Rome at the Temple of Hadrian.  Speakers include the former Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar, professor Shmuel Trigano, politician and journalist, Guiliano Ferrara, plus scores of European parliamentarians and intellectuals.

We know that Jews were savagely, repeatedly persecuted and murdered all over Europe, which culminated in a Holocaust in which six million Jews died. People may not realize that Italy also persecuted, massacred, taxed, and humiliated its Jews for 2000 years; the word “ghetto” comes from the word for “an iron foundry” which was the site of the Jewish ghetto in Venice.  Indeed, Italy later surrendered the Jews of Venice to Hitler. The great Italian-Jewish author, Primo Levi, was captured in the Italian Alps by Italian fascists and sent to Auschwitz by the Nazis.

I am thrilled that Italy and other Europeans will be standing for Israel. Poor Europe: They persecuted and murdered the friendly Semites, the productive and assimilated Semites and now they are being overrun by more hostile, non-assimilated Semites. One might view this as cosmic justice, but I can’t; European ideas, art, people have meant too much to me and, despite its morally flawed history, I want European civilization to survive this onslaught.

New York City Jewish leader, Howard Teich, just sent me an amazing 4,000 word sermon which was delivered by Rabbi S. Lewis in Atlanta. I tried to find Rabbi Lewis but could not do so. His 2010 Rosh Hashana sermon was very long—but to the point. It is titled, in Yiddish, “Ehr Kumt” (He is Coming) or as I would say, a la Yeats, “the bloody beast is back.” I hope Rabbi Lewis does not mind my sharing 1,400 words of his sermon here.

Read the rest of the essay, here.

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  1. The link to the rest of the essay does not work. But as for the rally- this is very heartening. Maybe, just maybe something is starting to stir in reaction to the tide of anti semitism and anti Israel- the first inklings last month with Aznar’s Israel initiative.

  2. Thanks Adam. Further to the Jabotinsky quote Ehr Kumpt, Jabotinsky also famously warned the Jews of Europe: Liquidate the ghetto before the ghetto liquidates us.

  3. This personal piece is completely compromised by the reference to Europe now allegedly “being overrun by more hostile, non-assimilated Semites” i.e. Arabs.

    What hateful nonsense.

  4. pretzelberg

    This personal piece is completely compromised by the reference to Europe now allegedly “being overrun by more hostile, non-assimilated Semites” i.e. Arabs.

    What hateful nonsense.

    It might be hateful nonsense to you…. but IT IS the truth

  5. Yes, iva it’s true regardless of the fact that pretzelberg buries his head in the sand about it. It’s true because although the laws of a country may prohibit hate speech nothing whatsoever is done about hate speech against Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhists, or about the Islamists who are admitted into Europe to speak at universities and mosques to spread that hate, and yet people are arrested for allegedly “insulting” Islam.

    It is true because in the West Midlands in the UK, a Christian evangelist was threatened with arrest by West Midlands police because he dared to preach the gospel in a Muslim area, whereas, as Medusa writes elsewhere, we must button our collective lip and say nothing while Islamists are allowed to preach their hatred openly among us.

    It is true because no “moderate” Muslim ever goes public to denounce the hatred being spread in his name.

    It is true because madrassas run by Islamist organisations are allowed to teach Muslim children hatred of Jews, Christians and others and no one does a thing to stop them.

    It is true because people are forbidden, on pain of death from Islamists, to criticise Islam AT ALL or the infamies committed in its name, whereas hate-filled preachers spew antisemitism and other hatreds wherever they go – and without restraint.

    pretzelberg, read Rabbi Lewis’s speech. You can find the full version at

    He is courageous and what he says applies to many others, not only Jewish people.

    You should wise up and wake up.