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  1. It wouldn’t matter if the Guardian emblazoned these posters all over the front page. The Guardian readers would still find some way to blame the Jews for it.

    “Of course the Palestinians would not want Israelis living in their country, they have already lost so much to the Jews they cannot afford to lose any more land to Jewish settlement.”

    “The Israelis have spent so much time and effort persecuting the Palestinians that the Palestinians don’t want to have to live next to them.”

    “The Israelis have proved themselves to be troublemakers so why should the Palestinians have to be lumbered with them?”

    “The Jews make trouble wherever they live, every country they have lived in has eventually had to expel or restrict them because of the danger they have posed to their host country, so naturally the Palestinians don’t want the trouble.”

    “The Zionists have brought this on themselves. The Palestinians naturally hate them after the occupation so they have no wish to mix with them.”

    “The Israelis put obstacles in the way of Arabs moving into Israel, so it is only fair that Palestine have equal rights to keep out Jews.”

    “The reason no Israeli Jews can live in Palestine is because it is illegal to sell land to a Jew, and no one would rent to them. This is not anti-Semitic, because theoretically there is nothing stopping a Jew from living in Palestine, but since they would have nowhere to live, it is not possible for them to do so.”

    “The Palestinians are just protecting themselves. If they allowed those pushy Jews to settle in Palestine they would try to take over the country. Jews are like a cancer, and an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

  2. There are Arab Israeli members of the Israeli parliament and some have held important office (Ahmed Tibi, a supporter of Arafat, is currently deputy speaker);

    All Arab citizens of Israel (Muslim and Christian) have the right to vote;

    And yet this $%^*^*()!!**& has the nerve to turn what he hopes will be a Palestinian state into an apartheid regime which discriminates against Jews and to accuse Israel of apartheid!

    Oh I know that he has to keep his own side sweet so as not to be murdered in his bed, but I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

    As Silvertrees says above, how can one possible trust such a one to keep to any agreement he may make?

  3. This must be a subject for an extended study, universal binocular blindness to facts so obvious that they stare you in the face.

    Palestine is to be an Apartheid state