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Philip Weiss Feels Rick Sanchez’s Pain (The “Jews control the media” saga continues)

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Rick Sanchez was the dumbest newscaster on American television.

But, after Rick was fired from CNN after making remarks that the Jews control the media, he received sympathetic coverage from Iran’s Press TV and its U.S. counterpart, Philip Weiss.

At his blog, Mondoweiss, Philip explains that Rick’s “first mistake” was being one of the only “network anchors to give any attention to the Palestinian side of the story.” Philip then adds:

“As for his recent comments about Jews not being an oppressed minority and Jews owning the television networks– it seems to me that these are legitimate subjects for discussion. Maybe his tone was inappropriate, maybe he should have gotten out the kid gloves. But they are legitimate subjects; and the manner of Sanchez’s dispatching is only likely to feed uninformed debate about the nature of the American establishment. Let’s talk about it.”

Ok, let’s talk about it:  Fuck you, Philip.

(For more info on Mondoweiss, see here.)

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  1. I was astounded by the casual anti-Semitism of the commenters in the linked report about Sanchez’s firing. I read one “Jews control the media, Jews control Wall Street” comment after another, and I didn’t see any explanation by anyone as to why, just maybe, these comments are offensive. Maybe there’s a social psychology phenomenon that takes place where when it’s perceived that Jew haters are in the majority of a forum, others get driven away. Perhaps they might feel too isolated and put upon to venture their opinion.

  2. Holy smokes, I can’t believe Weiss would write that. Actually, I can believe it, I just can’t believe he would publish it to his widely read website that claims to be “merely anti-Zionist”.

  3. Weiss certainly fits into the kind of world in which Soros funds a body that claims to be pro-Israel but deletes the expression itself from campus activities for fear of upsetting Judeophobes.

  4. sanchez was fired because he bad mouthed his employers…it is as simple as that

    nothing to discuss