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CiF anti-Semitic comment of the day

The CiF essay on Oct. 10, English Defence League forges links with America’s Tea Party, not surprisingly, produced filth btl such as this:

I gotta give Adam85 credit for touching on so many anti-Semitic tropes in such a short comment.  I do wonder though – in the light of the fact that pro-Israel commenters have been banned from commenting for nothing even approaching Adam85’s vitriol – why his posting privileges still appear to be intact.


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  1. The story here is not even this comment.

    It is the article which basically argued the same thing and naturally invited comments like this.

    Adam85 is at least honest. Unlike the article which hides behind innuendo and implied points.

    It is a sick article which’ message is the same as this post.

    That American Zionist Islamophobic Jews (who dared oppose the sacred Ground Zero Mosque the darling of the Left) are the bridge between the Tea Party and the EDL. And that these Jews are assisting the EDL to becoming better organized and effective as the Teas and conversely turning the Teas into a violent rebellion against the Obama Admin by making them adopt the EDLs “violence”.

    This is the most antisemitic article I have seen in the Guardian in a long time.

    Accuses Jooos of funding and domesticating the EDL to persecute Muslims across Europe and accuses these same Jooos of inciting and manipulating the Tea Party to the violent overthrow of the American state.

    It is SICK.

    There are no facts in the article. Only speculation and innuendo stitched together into a fabric as openly bigoted and inciting as a propaganda flag from Hezbollah or the Nazis.

    Jews are behind the persecution of poor innocent muslims and joos are subverting governments on both continents turning the west into a fascist enterprise with their money and manipulative influence.

  2. LOL!! The rabbi coming to “teach us how to manage our finances”??
    Has the poster forgotten that we are Jews? 😉
    What a dimwit! haha

  3. Roberta

    As you can see the Guardian will always blame the Jews for the EDL or the Tea Party.
    It will blame Jews for subverting England and the USA.

    Notice also how many blogs carried this garbage. Harrys, Guardian, and LGF to name the bigger ones.

  4. Armaros,

    Yes, it’s ALWAYS the Jews’ fault. All the evils of the world is our fault. Interesting that… but not news.

    In any case, we will continue to fight these morons, because they are ENVIOUS of the Jews. This is what is all about. JEALOUSY.