Tony Greenstein Wants Rabbis To Support The EDL

This was published at Harry’s Place.

Yes, you read that right. Bear with me.

Tony Greenstein is a Communist, a founder of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and a member of the self-help group, ASHamed Jews.

Tony Greenstein pens piece on "Zionist collaboration" with the Nazis for Communist paper



Last week the Observer broke the news that a Californian lunatic who calls himself the “Surfing Rabbi” has pledged his support to the English Defence League. Although the Observer described Nachum Shifren as a “senior US Rabbi”, we found that he is an absurd and nasty figure, who believes (for example) that the ADL is working to destroy America, and who worked for the assassinated far Right Rabbi Meir Kahane. He should be banned from entering Britain.

The Jewish Chronicle contains an article by our friend, Nick Lowles of Searchlight, opposing the EDL and the proposed demonstration featuring Nachum Shifren:

While many in the Jewish community have understandable concerns about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, it is important to remember that the EDL are not our friends.

The main article on the visit also sets out the rejection of the EDL and of this rabbi by a number of prominent Jewish organisations:

Board of Deputies chief executive Jon Benjamin said: “Rabbi Shifren displays breathtaking naivety and ignorance in associating himself with the EDL and in the way he characterises the British Jewish community.”Whatever the dangers of radicalisation in the UK, they apply just as much to the right as to the left and to Islamism.

Mark Gardner, Community Security Trust communications director, said: “The EDL’s Jewish branch is a tiny part of a far larger movement, dominated by white males who would previously have made up National Front marches and English football hooligan gangs.

“EDL actions are violent and intimidatory, attacking police and random Asians. Any Jews thinking that they can shape such dangerous forces and find shelter there are utterly deluded.”

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  1. Could he and Terry Gollogly, chair person of York PSC, be prosecuted for attempting to incite hatred against the Anglo-Jewish community?

    George Galloway successfully sued a charity Jewish radio station, for less.

  2. It is easy to figure out.

    He wants Jews to be blamed for whatever the EDL may do.

    Then he would come out first alleging that Jews are fascists and his Communist Islamophelia is the way to go.

    I hope the EDL sees this and calls him out on it.
    He will be so scared will need diapers to leave the house.

  3. Will TG go down in history as a case study of how Jewish anti-Zionism transmutes into Jewish antisemitism?

  4. As for Searchlight magazine. I find it amusing watching the far left fight the far right and each calling the other criminals or antidemocratic.

    Because in reality they both are.

    Searchlight also has communist roots. Garry Gable was or is a communist. In their quest for fighting against the far right they committed criminal acts. Perhaps righteous but still criminal.
    Now they are busy calling the EDL criminal, which again is not a lie. They break laws. But breaking into private property or spying is also a crime as is libel and slander not to mention the acts of Islamists the EDL states to be opposing.
    It is like reading a comic book.
    I would prefer to just watch this play out as all these people are in some way nasty and self serving.

    Greenstein seems to merit a special label or scum of scums, scum among scum or scum squared. As even the scum are calling him out on his acts.
    He clearly wants UK Jews to be subjected to Jihadi violence.

    Britain is crewed is the only sensible conclusion to this.

    The surfer rabbi story (who TF is he anyway and who cares) and these supposed links between the Tea Party and the EDL are pure fantasy. An acid trip. But because Search picked it up, so did the Observer and the blogs. Of course the Observer piece reads like a lesson in proper modern antisemitic conspiracy discourse. Blame the Jews for the EDL and the Tea Party at the same time while looking like fighting the far right.


  5. armaros: point of info: libel and slander are no longer criminal offences since Nov 2009 in the UK. (It had not been used for many years even before being formally abolished) They are civil wrongs.

  6. Greenstein is a deeply disturbed and twisted schmuck.

    I agree with armaros above. Greenstein will manipulate and scheme and use any dirty trick in the book to show Jewish people in a bad light.

    The only thing that would stop this poisonous little prat is to use the same sort of lawfare against him and his cronies as they use against us.

    Since the formal reprimand of Bathchair there won’t be a judge in the country who would behave towards him as Bathchair did towards the EDO four.

    We should ask for sponsorship to take him on for spreading religious hatred.

  7. I’d never head of Nachum Shifren before, but a quick Google while reading that Observer article last week made it clear that he is a bit of a loony – and certainly not a “senior US rabbi”. That’s something they really need to post a prominent correction about.

  8. pretzelberg

    He is an unknown. Nobody ever heard of him.

    He has no links to Pamela Geller either. She never heard of him until that Observer piece. http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2010/10/media-fiction-the-counter-jihad-funnies.html

    That piece was a fabrication by the communist Searchlight magazine and two HUffpost contributors they hired to smear the Tea Party as some US EDL.

    It is quite telling that the Guardian, Harrys and even LGF traffic in such antisemitic conspiracy theories these days. That US right wing Jews are to be funding the EDL while transforming the Tea Party into an EDL like violent insurgency.

    The whole idea falls into the EDL= Zionists and Tea Party Racists, FUNDING…and other code words to get the bob aroused.

    The meeting never even took place and they are already calling for the banning from Britain of Shifren.

    We are heading into the dark times in the world of blogs.

  9. As someone pointed out, the essence of Greenstein emerges with this comment on his motives and machinations:
    So, in a nutshell, Tony Greenstein is suggesting that anti-Zionists should try to rig a JC poll, so that they can falsely paint Jews as racists. This, despite the fact that the JC makes it very clear that there is consensus amongst Jewish organisations, and the JC, that the EDL must be opposed.”

  10. @amaros
    So what if Gerry Gable was a Communist?. Throughout the mans entire life he has fought the hate of the far right,stood up against racist tatooed thugs,and suited neo nazi’s, (from the NF to the BNP to their far right European and northen Irish Loyalist Fascist cronies, and now he stands against the EDL)he has done more to fight all forms of bigotry,Prejudice and antisemitisim than you could ever dream of, and he has sought always, to bring communities together,not set them apart in conflict against eachother.Hope NOt Hate