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Welcoming two new blogs to the neighborhood

For anyone not already familiar with the stellar work of the site, Just Journalism (JJ), you’ve been missing out on an important media watchdog group.  JJ is an independent research organization focused on how Israel and Middle East issues are reported in the UK media and tries to stimulate debate about the wider issue of journalistic accountability.  Of particular interest to JJ is to what extent media coverage adheres to the journalistic standards set out in the UK’s regulatory frameworks.  So, we were very happy to learn that they recently launched a new blog, called The Wire.   As CiF Watch’s mission is to expose anti-Semitism and egregious anti-Israel bias at the Guardian and their blog, Comment is Free, JJ is indeed an important ally of ours, and we welcome their new blog to the neighborhood.

Also of note, is a new blog, called Jhate, dedicated to providing  analysis of contemporary anti-Semitism by, according to the site’s “about us” section, “…a Jewish guy with some knowledge of the subject.”  Of course, I’m friendly with the blogger in question, and, believe me, his knowledge and erudition regarding Judaism and anti-Semitism can’t be overstated.

So, to The Wire and Jhate, I give a hearty WELCOME ABOARD!

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  1. What! UK actually has a regulatory framework for journalistic standards?
    Pull the other one.

    What do they do all day, throw darts at the map of Israel?
    In my humble opinion, US and British journalists are the pits.
    There, I’ve said it.

  2. I just checked out the “JHate” website, which is full of good and useful posts concerning Jew haters and Israel bashers. Sadly, there are all too many such individuals and the more they are identified for who they are, the better.

    Also, sadly but not surprisingly, the website is a magnet for the same Jew haters to post their vile comments. I’m not sure exactly what, if anything, the webmaster should do to limit or remove these comments, which are self-incriminating in the usual way and may be useful to read for that reason. In any case, I recommend that readers of this and other like-minded websites check out JHate and feel free to respond to some of the more egregious comments of the Jew haters who already plague its pages.

  3. Rural, the regulatory framework is more honoured in the breach than in the observance. If the journalistic “profession” were policed even basically, the Groan and others wouldn’t be able to publish the muck they do.

    Samson, I just looked at the JHate site and I tend to agree with you. It’s likely to attract not only Jews and those sympathetic to Jews but also the sort of disturbed “free-floating” haters (who incidentally use “Israel” and “Jews” interchangeably and yet insist that they are not antisemitic) as does CiF.

  4. JHate here. Thanks for the welcome, Adam!

    Samson and SilverTrees, for now I’m leaving up the anti-Semitic comments, because they are illustrative, I think, of the mindset of the folks we are dealing with. If they start getting out of hand I’ll institute a comment policy.