General Antisemitism

Why wasn’t this deleted?

The recent CiF piece by Robert Spencer (which never once mentions Jews or Judaism), elicits this completely off-topic, silly, and juvenile thinly-veiled attack on the supposed sexual practices of observant Jews – based on a thoroughly discredited urban legend.


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  1. Why wasn’t this deleted?
    This must be a rhetorical question.
    Spitewell’s comment is a perfect match to the average CIF Jew-hater’s moral and intellectual level, a good illustration of the Guardian’s perception of Jews (naturally only the Zionist kind) and illustrates the editors antisemitism.
    Why should they delete it?

  2. And what if Jews did screw with sheets on?

    Would that be equal to 911 and blowing up buses?

    This poster has been around for a while and is always caught posting antisemitism