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CiF anti-Semitic comment of the day

On the “Lauren Booth’s Conversion to Islam” thread was this comment:

And then this reply:

Hmmm….seems that LucyQ subscribes to the view that the descendants of superstitious nomadic goat herders control Hollywood and the U.S. media.

Interestingly, LucyQ’s profile on CiF lists The Richard Dawkins Foundation as her recommended website. “Richard Dawkins” describe their mission as follows:

“The mission of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science is to support scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding of the natural world in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and human suffering.”

Funny, isn’t it, how a proud adherent to a foundation devoted to “critical thinking and evidence-based understanding” which seeks “to overcome…superstition [and] intolerance” can subscribe to such reactionary and irrational anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish control.

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  1. Look – I’m really sympathetic to western (specifically British) anti-Semitism, especially propagated by the UK (state) MSM.

    But surely one comment on Cif is not sufficient justification to trash Richard Dawkins? If every nut-job’s motivations are used as evidence of guilt/complicity then almost every political movement (at least in the past century) is tainted – since few movements can control who carries out acts whilst motivated by their own professed aspirations.

    I’m not excusing those hate-mongers who preach retribution every week, and prime their followers/flock for violence. But not everyone whose viewpoint may not coincide with yours is necessarily your enemy – merely a percentage of their acolytes might eventually be.


  2. Sorry – long day – realised that I meant to say that I’m really sympathetic with those affected BY anti-Semitism, especially propagated by sections of the UK MSM. Sorry.

  3. My position on Jews in the entertainment business remains consistent. If individuals are unhappy with the reality that Jews are not only in the business, but highly successful, it’s just tooo damn bad. Should have thought about that 100 years ago when access was denied to Jews in other professions and the opinion of theatre,movies,etc. was low with limited fininacial gains. That its turned out to be successful….well, hindsight is twenty/twenty. Deal with it. No one is stopping the non Jewish world from going into the business and from the names I see listed in the credits many do. But talent and business acumen are requirements. It isn’t that too many Jews are in this field for people like the cited CiF poster, any would be too many and the fact it’s a lucrative only makes it worse for the poster. S*cks for you, Lucy Q.

  4. Its quite funny to think that those nomadic goatherds in the M.E. plus a few olive farmers in Greece are considered the sources of the Western culture that LucyQ thinks is so superior to their primitive ideas.

    Of course, we know that religious strife both pre- and ante-dates the goatherds, reaching a crescendo in non-goatherd-related communities from about 1000 AD through about 670-1,000 AD, followed by some distinctly non-religious strife – at least on one side – directed at the descendants of the goatherds up to 1945 … and for 60+ years thereafter.

  5. @Anonymous

    I didn’t read the thrust of the post to mean a critique of Dawkins. We leave that to others. I think the basic point is that many in the so-called progressive camp are anything but and that this is but one example of many.

  6. I’m not sure we are allowed to move into Independence Watch too but thought this worth mentioning. Robert Fisk wrote a not unacceptable article on Christian flight in the Middle East: It’s not at all all about Israel despite what is implied by the subheading.

    Then we get this vile letter blaming it all on Bush and the Jews: And this is in the main letters column, the lead letter on the Fisk article, not in a comments page (which Fisk does not seem to have).