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CiF commenter anti-Israel conspiracy theory of the day

A recent typical “Guardian Left” anti-American rant  published on CiF by Elizabeth Wurtzel – America, land of the free to be stupid –  produced this (which was a reply to another commenter who was critical of Wurtzel’s essay):

Hmmm…Israel killed President Kennedy? I gotta admit, I was caught a bit off-guard by that one.  There are clearly some anti-Israel/anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that are more popular than others. I – though I pride myself on being “in the know” on which historical calamities the Jewish community is responsible for – actually had to do a few minutes of research on this one.  I discovered that the “Israel/Mossad assassinated JFK” conspiracy is shared by a truly bizarre ideologically diverse array of figures – such as  brutal Arab dictators (Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi) and American anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists (Jeff Rense).

Sadly, since I’m only 42 years old, and didn’t receive my official Mossad Receiver until many years after the assassination in 1963 (Note to Ben White, Ali Abunimah, Ken Livingston, George Galloway, John Pilger and others: Yes, we all really do have one!) I’ll never know for sure what my fellow Jews/Israelis did or didn’t know about JFK’s assassination.

Fortunately – especially when I’m having a bad day, and the challenges of life seem especially overwhelming – I can always count on either Guardian contributors or commenters to reassure me of my community’s nearly omnipotent power to effect world events and change the course of history.

Whether spreading the Black Plague, inventing Capitalism (and Communism!), fomenting world wars, preventing world peace, causing 9/11, controlling U.S. foreign policy, or harvesting organs, I gotta admit.  We totally rock!

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  1. Very nice piece. All the nonsense really wears me out. I hadn’t heard the JFK one.

    There is so much that’s interesting to find out about Judaism and by extension Israel that Jew-haters really miss a lot. They don’t seem to be bright enough to lose their chains.

  2. Adam, an Egyptian illustrated magazine in English called The Scribe published that libel way back in the Sixties, probably in 1963 or 64.

  3. of course, the irony behind the JFK issue is that he was killed by someone who probably read the Guardian if he read anything at all .. Lee Harvey Oswald.

  4. AKUS

    of course, the irony behind the JFK issue is that he was killed by someone who probably read the Guardian if he read anything at all .. Lee Harvey Oswald.

    I don’t think that back then in 1963, the Guardian was the same ‘ripe’ cesspool that it is today. At least I hope not. I used to read it as a student in the public library. (To my shame).

  5. This is a new one on me, and as an American, I’ve heard innumerable JFK conspiracy theories, and the Israeli connection never comes up.

    Most anti-Israeli conspiracy theorists at least provide an outlandish motive. Give me something.

  6. This is real “Hidden Hand” stuff, isn’t it?

    Paranoia rules, and not only among followers of the “religion of peace” but among their hangers on too!

    Next they’ll be accusing us of being responsible for global warming (I mean I know that Joos talk a lot when they get together, but really…..)

    And I’m waiting for the first Islamist nutter who “accuses” us of developing a cure for cancer….