MP Martin Linton returns to anti-Israel activism outside Ahava

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ex-MP and head of Labour Friends of Palestine, Martin Linton

It’s Saturday and that means anti-Israel protest outside Ahava. The protest started an hour earlier than usual because some protesters had to shoot off to an anti-fascism and anti-Islamophobia rally.

So many protests, so little time.

After a year the Ahava protests are finally starting to attract some celebrity anti-Israel activists.

Two weeks ago Sarah Colborne, Director of Campaigns and Operations at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, made her first appearance.

She was present again this week but there was even greater royalty in the form of Martin Linton, Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine, who lost his Battersea Parliamentary seat in May.

In March Mr. Linton told a meeting in Parliament that Israel was using its long tentacles to fund British election campaigns and to buy Conservative support. His speech made front page headlines.

I did suggest to him today that if he switched sides then this all powerful pro-Israel machine might win him a place back in Parliament. Sadly, he declined the offer.

Meanwhile, ever present Bruce, chief secretary of AAAUK (Americans Against Apartheid UK) took the opportunity to tell passers-by that disagreed with him that they were fascists (clip 1 below).

Others were content to hold up pictures of dead Palestinian children while describing pro-Israel activists as “bloodsucking” (clip 2 below).

In two weeks time it is Ahava BUYcott weekend where you can obtain a 10% discount on Ahava products and then wave your purchases at the anti-Israel protesters as you exit the store (39 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden). Always fun.


anti-Israel activist displaying picture of dead children

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  1. These goons like to wave around the epithet “fascist.” They claim to be agin it, agin fashizm. But they are too ignorant to know or too dishonest to admit that the main Arab nationalist parties were modelled on Nazism and fascism. That is true of the Ba`ath Party still governing in Syria after the Iraqi branch was put out of business. The Syrian National Socialist [or Social Nationalist] Party, now a tool of the Ba`athist regime in Syria was modelled on the Nazi party in Germany and even has swastika-like symbol. It’s a spinning swastika, what a swastika looks like when spun fast. Of course, the Free Officers in Egypt, to which Nasser and Sadat belonged, were pro-Nazi during WW2 and were helping Rommel’s army –the Afrika Corps– with intelligence and were getting ready to welcome Rommel into Cairo, when they were arrested. By the way, in his first book, Revolt on the Nile, Sadat blames Egyptian Jews for discovering the Free Officers’ plot and turning them in to the authorities. If it weren’t for those treacherous Egyptian Jews, Sadat regretfully asserts, Rommel could have won in North Africa and the Nazis would have won the war as a whole.

    To this we ought to add the Nazi-like aspects of the PLO and Hamas charters. Shmuel Trigano has analyzed the Charter and the “palestinian constitution” and found them to embody anti-Jewish racism and anti-Jewish apartheid.

    Then, last but not least, we have the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, who spent the war years starting in 1941 based in Germany, collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust, and by the way, received German Nazi money and weapons for his “Arab Revolt” in the 1930s.

    It is very presumptuous of these goons to pretend to be anti-fascist. Are they really as ignorant as their words indicate, or are they just cynical liars?

  2. These people have way too much time on their hands, I think this is their hobby, a weekend diversion—-if they focus on Israel/Ahava maybe they won’t notice problems that exist in the UK? A bit much, what a disgusting situation, where’s a golem when you need one?

  3. Like trained monkeys that are penned and caged,this is great you don’t have to go to a zoo to see these monkeys perform ,they are performing in front of the Ahava store.Reward them with bananas and peanuts.

  4. Those women that are boycotting Ahava should instead be shopping in Ahava,these women are ugly looking and most likely smell bad,Ahava products should be of some benefit to these women.

  5. Samuel Johnson said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Today, scoundrels have two choices for last refuge: 1) anti-Zionism; 2) “Peace.” Where does Martin Linton fit in?

  6. The chanting clip clearly shows at least 3 girls hiding under the banners and flag from the camera.

    What are they afraid of, I wonder?

  7. Now I know this is way off topic but any one wonders if the below article (in hebrew only) from today’s Ynet will be mentioned on any of the UK media forums?,7340,L-3981787,00.html

    Given they shout so loud about any vandalism of a mosque, blaming instantly the near by settlements wouldn’t you think they’d blame this synagogue’s vandalism on the near by Kfar Kassem (which its inhabitents try to murder various Jewish taxi drivers in the past year?

    Or maybe any one of the near by Arab towns?

    Or even Palestinians which only leave 20 minutes away?

    I guess they’d rather not report it full stop.

    BTW, i personaly believe some russian immigrants have done that (the history of dispoutes with drunks in the past could have led to this) but that’s not the point.

  8. Sorry, meant to say that the above Canadian stand is exactly what the Western world lacks these days.

    It’s called “BALLS”…

    And doing the right thing.

  9. International Jewish anti-Zionist Network

    Shul skipping on Shabbat

    Throwing away their heritage and their morality to ingratiate themselves with those that would destroy them ?

    On the other hand one suspects that the members of these ‘Jewish’ organisations are not Jewish at all but anti-Semites pretending to be Jews so as to show to the non-Jew that the Jews are divided, that they reject their religion and that they have no connection to Israel. Their message : If a Jew hates Israel then how can you expect a non-Jew to hate Israel any less.

    These Israel-bashing ‘Jewish’ organisations need to be investigated

  10. All you have to do is Google “arab nazi salute” and you will find pictures like this:

    Muslims doing outstretched arm salutes looks vaguely familiar. Hmmm. Where have we seen that before?

    Have those pro-islamofascist. FAKE anti-war yobs and slrigs explain that.

    And have them explain the molotov/vonribbentrop non-aggression pact.

  11. I think we need to start a branch of AAAWHUK in the US – Americans Aghast At What’s Happening in the UK.

  12. That bloke Bruce is clearly a complete w*nker. Calling people “fascists” who clearly are no such thing is the stuff of schoolyards – not to mention in this context highly offensive.

    Aside from him and certain others, however, could it not be that many of those protesters (naive as they may be) are not as such “anti-Israel” as anti-occupation?

    Jane Schlitz

    These people have way too much time on their hands, I think this is their hobby, a weekend diversion

    I suspect you are correct in most if not all cases.

  13. Here is Prof Shmuel Trigano’s analysis of the PLO constitution and PLO charter, which foretell what a future “palestinian” Arab state would be like. It would be Judenrein or an apartheid state without Jews or one where Jews are kept in an inferior status. It would be racist towards Jews and oppressive and discriminatory towards Arabic-speaking Christians. The self-styled “anti-fascists” against Israel are promoting a Nazi-like Arab state to come.

  14. @ MindTheCrap

    Re. your clip

    Did I hear correctly that the man at the start identifying himself as an Israeli is a) called “an Arab” and b) is told “you are not an Israeli, don’t insult the country.”


  15. Eliyahu

    The self-styled “anti-fascists” against Israel are promoting a Nazi-like Arab state to come.

    Yes, a lot of these people farcically like to think of themselves as “anti-fascists”.

    But a “Nazi-like” Arab state???

    Nazism constituted a uniquely despicable phenomenon in history.
    Neither the PA – nor those protesters – want to exterminate the Jews.

  16. Pretz, yes, the PA does not say that they want to exterminate Jews. The Hamas is very frank about this desire, however. See Article 7 of the Hamas charter for the Medieval Muslim fable about rocks and trees calling on Muslims to kill Jews. What the PA does is to constantly vilify Jews in much the same terms as the Hamas media. This is true of the PA’s TV, radio, newspapers, schools, mosque preaching, etc. [on this see MEMRI and PMW, Palestinian Media Watch]. The PLO/PA delegate in Washington, one Ma’en Erikat [related to Saeb?], recently declared that Jews would not be allowed to live in a future State of Palestine. See my post on Trigano’s analysis at the link above. So Ma’en Erikat is talking about a Judenrein state. What else is concealed behind his embrace of the Judenrein principle which I assume you will agree is a Nazi principle?

    Be that as it may, the German Nazis did not openly declare a desire or plan to massacre Jews. What the German Nazis did was to vilify Jews, much as the PA and Hamas now do, and using some of the same arguments. To be sure, Hitler did hint at genocide and mass murder in 1939 when he “warned” that if Jews caused another world war, exactly what he was planning, they would be exterminated in Europe. He also mentioned the world’s indifference to the Armenian genocide.

    So a frank, open threat is not necessary. Hamas is just more frank, brutally frank, than Fatah/PLO/PA.

  17. Two additional points support Eliyahu’s argument:

    * It is widely suspected it was Haj Amin who convinced Hitler to change the “final solution” from emigration to extermination

    * There is a long history of massive crowds gathered in Arab capitals to chant “death to the Jews.” It is only common sense caution to take them at their words.

  18. Pretzelberg, you’re mindless.

    In the exchange at the beginning, the female bystander sayng “you’re not an Israeli” is correctly challenging the false Jewish/Israeli credentials claimed by the woman in blue.

    Her comment is directed not at the male bystander (who is also pro-Israeli) but at the demonstrator in blue.

  19. there is no point to you or for you, mindthecrap. Goodbye.

    pretzelberg, what’s so difficult for you to get? You’ve heard it again and again and with proof. The leader of the PA wrote his doctoral thesis on holocaust denial and Hamas’ charter says that it has a vision of a Judenrein Middle East. Hexbollox runs itself along Nazi lines complete with the Nazi salute and Nasrallah is on record as wanting all the Jews to come to Israel so that they can be exterminated more easily.

    How …. are …. all …. these … NOT…. Nazi-like? What part of this description and explanation do you not understand? How is wanting the obliteration of the Israeli state, because it’s a Jewish state, not Nazi-like?

    (Now strop off and clang on elsewhere that other people get five stars for the at least sensible points they make and you don’t get any).

  20. Eliyahu, but of course it would be either Judenrein or Jews would be dhimmis.

    And we see evidence of the PA’s admiration of Hitler and Nazism

    And also equivalent Muslim antisemitism

    And note how these people inculcate hatred in their children

    This is particularly informative about the two-facedness of the so-called wishes for peace by the PA

    Now, Pretzelberg, tell us how this is not Nazi-like

    What is it about you that refuses to let you admit what is before your eyes?

  21. Eliyahu

    Samuel Johnson said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Today, scoundrels have two choices for last refuge: 1) anti-Zionism; 2) “Peace.” Where does Martin Linton fit in?

    I think he’d fit in anywhere there’s a camera and a hope that the photograph will be published.

  22. @ Philo-Semite

    Oh, please. Clearly it is the man (then off camera) being addressed. And you call me “mindless” for saying that?

    Of course, said man then proves his female critic right by calling Israel a “fascist country.”

  23. SickTwistedAntiSemiticPretzel:

    “Clearly it is the man (then off camera) being addressed.”

    My God, you lie in almost every post you make. I read the thread and looked at the clip. You asked at 11:03, and I quote,

    Did I hear correctly that the man at the start identifying himself as an Israeli is a) called “an Arab” and b) is told “you are not an Israeli, don’t insult the country.”

    But you simply made this up to vilify and demonise Israeli Jews. There is no person in the clip telling an Israeli Arab man “you are not an Israeli.” A female Canadian demonstrator is told “you are not a Israeli.”

    I think you owe all the Israelis/Jews here an apology for your anti-Semitic lies, making up things out of whole cloth so as to demonise Israelis/Jews.

    This is not the first time you have emitted rank anti-Semitism. CiFWatch is unwise to let you post.

  24. You stupid stupid people that protest. You are absolutely clueless as to what goes on in Gaza, yet prefer to jump on the so called”trendy” anti Zionist band wagon. What do you think would happen if Ahava ceased to exist. Yes thats right, all those Palestinian people that you proport to support will be out of jobs. All that these stupid boycotts do is to put the Palestinians out of work. Work that the Israeli’s give them to help boost the economy in Gaza. Do you see any of their fellow arab countries giving them aid, or jobs, or money? Of course not, they use them as political pawns to suit their propoganda purposes. By the way – have any of you people ever visited Gaza recently? If so you would have seen the beautiful shopping centre which has recently been built and the lovely open air communal swimming pool. (By the way Israel does not have such a facility). Get a grip and look at the facts before you decide to protest and cause trouble. you may learn something