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Sickening Israel = Nazi Germany CiF comment of the day

In response to yesterday’s CiF column by Seumas Milne, “The Palestinians of Israel are poised to take center stage,” was this, by a frequent CiF commenter named “oldonmk2“.  Though the comment was deleted, its worth noting the pure unadulterated hatred spewed by many CiF readers towards Israel and Jews.  The word “disgusting” doesn’t begin to describe this bile.


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  1. I saw that last night and openly asked who recommended it – because some people did. There are clearly a number of unsavoury characters at CiF who wouldn’t actually post such filth but readily agree with it.

  2. Seumas Milne’s provocative articles attract these kind of posters,the same as horseshit would attract blow flies.

  3. There is something very suspicious about the number of recommendations on certain posts on the Milne thread.

    One post by Gondwanaland has 930 recommendations. One by Indigenous has 773 recs. These are way out of line with other comments on the thread and on a thread with only 283 comments, it is out of line with Cif generally.

    I am not sure how secure the Cif system is, but it certainly looks to me as if there is some rigging going on.

    I think CIfWatch should investigate this.

  4. benorr

    Seumas Milne’s provocative articles attract these kind of posters,the same as horseshit would attract blow flies.

    Yes indeed. The ‘lure’ of Seamus’s filth is even more attractive to them than a freshly ploughed manure field.

  5. Sadly, I thought Milne’s article bore a strong resemblance to Seth Freedman’s efforts (when he was still the golden boy at the Guardian hate-fest) in tone, style, choice of words, and content, which may account for the slavering over it that we saw.

  6. The interesting thing the article isn’t the vapid anti-Israel content, considering Milne’s highly circumscribed writing abilities and the facts he cites mostly serving as rational examples of why Israeli Arabs are self-relegated pariahs in Israel (joining forces with external enemies, disengaging from political processes, making demands based on entitlement rather than merit–there are a lot of the latter basis of good faith and intelligence to take beneficial actions for Israeli Arabs, that’s just not what Milne and his ilk are interested in), but the timing of it. Put it this way: if things aren’t going well enough for the pro-Palestinians/BDS supporters/far-Left antiwar activists, there are several anti-Israel subjects you can count on major media sources resuscitating and featuring at length: Israeli Arabs, alienation between Israelis and American Jews, the USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli lobby led by AIPAC, young Israelis avoiding military service, kosher slaughter being cruel, and Avigdor Lieberman saying something that angers the pressure groups above. So I view Milne’s latest opus as a positive element for the pro-Israeli side…it’s an indicator that the other side is, and doesn’t seem to notice this, IMPOTENT.

  7. @ Andy Gill

    Looking now at the Milne thread, I see successive posts by the truly inane tinlaurelledandhardy garnering 100-3000 recommends. Bizarre.
    Then a massive drop to a nonetheless substantial 30+ recommends for her response to me: “I knew it would not bother you a bit to read that part”, a post that I literally don’t understand.

    Plus her “Your dream of a divided Palestine(it sounds as if you say it with schadenfreude)” response to Yanpol (who is dreaming of no such thing) = 22!

    You certainly see pathetic partisan “voting” on both sides – but this is ridiculous.