CiF Guardian Left comment of the day

William Dalrymple’s essay, “Iraq’s disappearing Christians are Bush and Blair’s legacy” elicited this comment:

Inspired by Dalrymple’s efforts to avoid, at all costs, blaming Islamist terrorists for the acts of murder they commit, ellis blames the unholy alliance of the United States, the CIA, “fascist” Israelis, neocons, Nicholas Sarkozy, and New Labor – thus confirming the axiom (Ok, its my axiom) that there are some ideas so stupid that only the Guardian Left can believe them.

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  1. The campaign against them now is inspired not by Islam but by neo-conservatives who have staked everything on dividing peoples just as they are tending towards the unity and mutual tolerance which will allow us to reason together….

    Think you’ve missed a trick here, Adam. We seem to have a prime example of the dear old Protocols of the Elders of Neocon mindset at work in the seething brain of “ellis” ….