CiF comments of the day (Bizarre political analogy edition!)

Alexander Henly’s CiF piece, oddly placed in the “Belief” section, from Nov. 17, titled “Omar Bakri trial is about politics, not Islamism or justice” (about Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed’s decision to hire a Hezbollah affiliated attorney for his upcoming trial in Lebanon) produced some really amusing and creative apologetics for the Shiite terrorist group.

First up, is rayuk.


Hmmm…Nasrallah is a modern day Churchill?  I wonder if I can find another commenter to out due rayuk in the morally perverse analogy awards? Unfortunately, Harriet Sherwood was busy suggesting that Israel may be erecting a “Berlin Wall” in Ghajar, and it appears as if not even she is capable of two such moral inversions in the same day.

Oh, wait I found one, by a commenter who’s entertained us in the past: Ellis.

A modern day Christ.  Thanks Ellis, you win!

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  1. NasraLaLa La La La Lala La

    All together now! To the tune of ‘Tis the season to be jolly

    Deck Beirut with bombs, by Golly
    NasraLlaLa La La La Lala La

    ‘Tis the napalm makes us jolly
    FadlaLlaLa La La La Lala La

    Steven Plaut