Ahmed Moor kicks the Zionist cat.

Ahmed Moor

As anyone who has spent time in or seriously studied the Middle East and the Arab world knows, the default option for many a political leader or struggling dictator in that region when the going gets tough is to kick the Zionist cat.

Rising opposition from within? The Zionists must be behind it. Economy going off the rails? The Israelis are of course to blame. Indeed more or less anything can be attributed to the Jews, often in a manner which would not seem out-of-place in a Monty Python sketch, because the conspiracy theories about them have been cultivated for so long that they have become part of the region’s folklore and mindset.

So when self-declared anti-Zionist, one-stater, promoter of apartheid analogies and would-be dismantler of the Palestinian Authority Ahmed Moor appears on the pages of CiF America promoting Jewish/Zionist conspiracy theories, we can be sure that here is one American who has well and truly imbibed the culture surrounding him in his chosen new home in Beirut.

According to Moor, both the Israeli government and pro-Israel American Jewish organisations are leaning heavily on the US administration to confront Iran, if not directly then by way of its proxy in Lebanon, Hizbollah.

“Josh Block – a former spokesman for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) – recently argued that President Obama ought to confront Hezbollah in Lebanon in order to confront Iran.”

“Only last week, Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu flew across the Atlantic to ask Vice President Joseph Biden to launch a war against Iran on Israel’s behalf.”

“The pro-Israel lobby is aware that America is too over-committed to attack Iran. But America is evidently capable of taking on Hezbollah, an Iranian ally”

In actual fact Josh Block seemed to be arguing in favor of strengthening and supporting the Lebanese people who do not want their country taken over by proxies of a theocratic dictatorship – the link in Moor’s article is broken – see here.  The Lebanese are of course not the only ones in the region concerned about Iran’s growing influence on the area and the possibility of its gaining an upper hand in the Middle East power struggle; there are several Arab countries who have no less interest than either Lebanon or Israel in containing the neighborhood bully before it is too late to prevent yet more violence. Moor completely ignores the bigger regional picture, however, in favor of a trite kick to the local cat; Israel.

Like many of the Lebanese people at present, Moor appears to be running scared, and for good reason. It is truly sad to see a country which has known so much strife in its short history poised once more on the brink of what seems to be an impossible choice between an inevitable civil war and a Hizbollah coup d’etat. Saad Hariri’s backtracking on the subject of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon investigation of the murder of his father and Nasrallah’s pathetic attempts to implicate Israel in the assassination are both symptoms of the volatility of the situation there. Ahmed Moor’s whitewashing of Hizbollah as just another political party in the mosaic of Lebanese politics is also symptomatic of the all-pervading level of fear which the Iranian proxies have managed to instill into the local population.

“Lebanese suspect that the STL is foreign-sponsored attempt to undermine Hezbollah’s democratic – it’s a political party with elected parliamentary members – support among Lebanese citizens.”

“Hezbollah is a legitimate political party that reflects the aspirations of many Lebanese people. European leaders understand that and frequently meet with the party’s representatives to discuss political differences.”

“The pro-Israel lobby is aware that America is too over-committed to attack Iran. But America is evidently capable of taking on Hezbollah, an Iranian ally”

Maybe one should not judge too harshly those Lebanese who, like Ahmed Moor, rearrange the facts in their heads in order to try to desperately cling on to hopes for calm and normality. Sometimes, the ostrich approach can have comforting short-term advantages. Ahmed Moor is obviously keen to persuade America to quash any indictments by the STL, claiming that to do so will conserve stability in Lebanon, but the fact is that what he is really telling us is that if the results of the Tribunal’s findings are not to Iran’s liking – which there is every reason to suspect will be the case-violence will ensue as already promised by Hizbollah. The trouble is that on no occasion has Hizbollah committed itself to any non-violent vision of Lebanon’s future, even if the STL’s findings are not published.

One can, and should, however take the Guardian to task for presenting such obvious self-preservationist pragmatism as legitimate analysis of international affairs. By promoting this version of events rife with baseless conspiracy theories, choosing to blur the real picture of what is happening in Lebanon and the wider region, and by soft-selling Hizbollah as some sort of legitimate political entity instead of the terror group it really is, the Guardian is deliberately misinforming and misleading its readers. Maybe, apparently like the BBC, it is afraid to inflame tempers or arouse controversy.  Or maybe the Guardian’s editors actually have no objections to the idea of an Iranian take-over of the Middle East and the expansion of a human-rights abusing theocratic dictatorship.

And of course, just like Ahmed Moor or many a Middle East despot, the Guardian has never had any qualms about kicking the Zionist cat when that served its purpose.

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  1. Rising opposition from within? The Zionists must be behind it.

    Just see the opening comment on that thread from Rapport:
    But probably, not one single entity has undermined US security and credibility more than AIPAC.


    There’s also a current CiF thread on the hijab – where one poster has claimed the rise in the latter’s popularity across the Muslim world is due to “oppression of Muslims they see going on in the Middle East in particular the Israeli – Palestinian situation”. Something tells me they weren’t joking.

  2. That poster was probably not a Muslim Pretzel but a leftist who wants to comfort himself in the notion that the rise of Islamism is due to things he is also bothered by.

    Mark Steyn noted that the increase in Niqabs/Burkas and such have been observed since the late 60s. In a time when the Palestinian cause was under a progressive socialist pro Soviet flag. After the Iranian revolution, they exploded both in the Sunni and Shia worlds.
    Have a look at university photos from Egypt from 56 to today and see how women changed their garbs.

  3. Moor is like a Nazi from 39.
    Tries to taint opposition to Iran as a Jewish plot.

    The parallels are getting to be seriously creepy.

    Probably many who read the G actually believe this sort of stuff. Blinded by their hate for Israel (and Jews) they assume Iran is the way it is because the Joos forced it to be. Otherwise it would be a liberal socialist society with Pride Days and “multicultural prayer centers” like one proposed at Ground Zero.

    Henry Ford upon his return from his trip (one of the few) to the New Germany said that Jews in America are mongering for war against Germany. Lindhberg and Joe Kennedy echoed that as well. As did most of the anti war crowd at the time.

    Hezbolllah is very popular in the West. Probably more so than in the ME where only Iranian militants and some Lebanese support it out of choice.

    To Western useful idiots, it is the perfect revolutionary resistance group.
    It is spiritual yet progressive, patriotic and rejectionist of enlightenment values, it is glamorous and militant like a Che parade and fulfills the darker fantasies of those who still admire Nazi salutes and goose stepping.

    The idea that only Jews would oppose such a formation of scum is revealing of the antisemitism of those who allege that. It hits them on that spot where they know their targets are onto them.

    So they try the old Nazi division along Semitic lines and have a great platform to reach their audience in the G.

  4. armaros

    Moor is like a Nazi from 39.

    That’s a horrible thing to say. Why say “39”?
    Are you really unable to come up with a more suitable comparison?

  5. That’s a horrible thing to say. Why say “39″?

    Like the Nazis in ’39, Moor
    – scapegoats the Jews for his society’s own problems (as your post above came close to admitting)
    – would like to simply eliminate the Jews from the Mideast.

    Is that clear enough for your moribund grey cell?

  6. Pretzel I wasn’t out to say nasty nor nice things.

    The idea that Jews are mongering for war with Iran is prevalent and don’t say you are not seeing it.
    There is a direct parallel between this and the late 30s. The time when many even among those who supported the Nazis did so not fully aware of the extent of their plans. Or simply did not believe them because they sounded ridiculous and outrageous.

    This whole Hezbullshit that Israel is behind divisions in Lebanon and Israel supporters want to invade and conquer these lands , the plots, the libels are all the same as the ones peddled by Ford and Lindbergh.

  7. @ armaros

    There is a direct parallel between this and the late 30s.

    i.e. post-Kristallnacht and the passing of the race laws, where Jews had to wear the yellow star, were barred from countless professions and faced physical harrassment on a daily basis?

    I fail to see the parallel.

  8. Why? It’s absolutely true. Are you ever ashamed of what you write? Just because your head is buried in the sand you shouldn’t expect us to bury ours.

    Read about dhimmitude. And then come here try to argue that I am wrong given the craven cowardice and failure to stand up to encroaching Islamism by European governments.

  9. Pretzelberg stop nitpicking and leave it alone. It’s evident to me that the “it” referred to by Snigger is the result of the growing acceptability of antisemitic discourse in Europe coupled with the increasing dhimmitude of various governments in the face of the demands of the “religion of peace.” All these provide fertile ground for the sort of Jew-baiting which took place in Nazi Germany. No doubt Snigger will correct me if my perception is wrong.

    It’s also evident that you become very uncomfortable if comparisons are drawn between antisemitism in Europe now and the beginnings of it in 1930s Germany. Tough. There ARE unmistakeable parallels which, if you opened your eyes and engaged your brain before you came here spoiling for a fight, you would recognise too.

    That these seem to escape you doesn’t surprise me. I think you’re just spoiling for an argument so don’t reply to this email unless you have something positive to contribute to discussion.

    Tell us, for example, why you think that the current status of Jews, the acceptability of antisemitic discourse in the press, the vilification and delegitimisation of Israel as a Jewish country, often led by community and political leaders without contradiction, should lead to a different conclusion for Jews in Europe

  10. SarahLeah

    There ARE unmistakeable parallels which, if you opened your eyes and engaged your brain before you came here spoiling for a fight

    I do not come here spoiling for a fight – only morons like you claim that.

    And I was not “nitpicking”. I was defending myself from the hatred expressed by the idiotic Snigger.

  11. Pretzelberg your demeanour and language give the lie to what you have just said. Don’t you see that?

    And you were nitpicking.

    And how do you know that Snigger “hates” you? He/she doesn’t even know you I imagine!

    And you haven’t answered SarahLeah’s question