What the Guardian won’t report: Mahmoud Abbas praises late Mufti of Jerusalem who collaborated with Hitler

Per Elder of Ziyon:

In a recent speech (in Arabic, but you can use Google translate to verify), Mahmoud Abbas said,

“We must…recall the outstanding [early] leadership of the Palestinian people, the Grand Mufti of Palestine-Haj Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, who sponsored the struggle from the beginning, and sponsored the struggle and displacement for the cause and died away from his home.”

As Elder noted:

“The Mufti was a rabid Jew-hater who was the driving force behind not only the 1929 massacres in Jerusalem and Hebron but also the 1936-39 riots that resulted in the deaths of hundreds. He moved to Germany during World War II, hoping that Hitler would win and allow to him murder every Jewish man, woman and child in Palestine, and proposing plans to do exactly that.”

See more on the Mufti’s relationship with Hitler, here.

Mohammad Amin al-Husayni meets with Adolf Hitler, 1941

I can’t help but note that Abbas is seen as a moderate in the eyes of the Guardian. Contrast such a characterization with the way their commentators typically portray Israeli settlers as “extremists,” and you are on your way to understanding the egregious double-standards employed consistently byThe world’s liberal leading voice.”

Image courtesy of Elder of Ziyon

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  1. That the Mufti was not an instrument of the Holocaust was only because there was not enough time, but he was responsible for many innocent lives and planned to be at the helm when his Nazi allies swept south and handed him the Jews as promised. He lauded Hitler with the unctuous solicitude that defined him when grovelling, as did the murderous contempt for his victims when dominant. In Egypt, after the war, he organised violent resistance against the Jews of Palestine, and left the indelible stain that now marks Abbas.

  2. Why is anyone surprised that Mahmoud Abbas lies through his teeth, which are probably as false as he is?

    This is a man who chose to write his entire PhD thesis (at Moscow’s Oriental College) on the Holocaust and follow it up with a book in 1983, “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and the Zionist Movement,” which denies the Holocaust occurred. Abbas has never specifically repudiated his book, which purports to refute “the fantastic lie that six million Jews were killed” in the Holocaust.


  3. Abbas wrote his PHD that the Nazis were helped by the Zionists to conduct mass murders of Jews. He wrote this PHD while he was at the KGB’s prize propaganda institute 1974- 1983, while the Soviets were promoting ZIONISM IS RACISM resoltution at the UN

    With the inception of the PA education system in 2000, Abba’s PHD was incoporated into the new PA curriculum. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG, CHAIRMAN HOLOCAUST COMMISSION