The persecution of Christian minorities in Arab lands, revisited


(Image courtesy of Dry Bones)

CiF Watch has posted several pieces regarding the persecution of Christians in Arab lands. While the posts (here, here, and here) were largely inspired by the most recent case in Iraq – the murder of more than 50 Christians by Al Qaeda terrorists in Baghdad on Oct. 31. – the problem has been ongoing throughout the Arab world for many, many years, and is exacerbated by the near silence of most of the mainstream media, human rights activists and intellectuals.

CAMERA’s recent dispatch not only highlights the problem of such religious persecution but notes also the little reported fact that Israel – alone in the Middle East – remains the only true safe haven for not only Christians, but other religious minorities as well. Though this fact isn’t a surprise to anyone with even a modicum of objectivity, you can expect Harriet Sherwood, and her friends at the Guardian, not to acknowledge it.

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  1. Christian minorities being defended by their hosts in a Jewish State : how disturbing to their psyche, and yet, how ironic !

    Once more, Israel is a light unto the nations in the Middle East.

  2. It’s just part of a much larger picture.

    The only supposed “persecution” that registers on the monocellulare simple-mind of the self-righteous PC eejit is that of the sacred holy blessed Palestinians (as long as it’s seen as perpetrated by Israel).

    Muslim on Christian, Muslim on Hindu, Muslim on Muslim, even Chinese on Muslim or Christian or Buddhists, it’s all so boring.

    Q How on earth did the Palestinians get to be so lucky?
    A Pick the right enemy – western pro-american, jewish, and Bob’s your uncle.

  3. Any chance of massed demonstrations in London, Amsterdam, Madrid full of placards proclaiming “We’re All Christians Now”?

  4. Does anyone think to ask Palestinian Christians themselves if Israel is a cause of driving them out of Bethlehem or about what happened to them in 1948 (Including Armenians) or is this a conversation trope among defenders of Israel excluding the people they are talking about.

    I know a Christian from Ramallah for example whose son was almost killed by a settler during the first intifada.

  5. andrew r, respectfully, are you suggesting that its even debatable that Christians in Israel have (BY FAR) greater religious freedom than they do in any other nation in the Middle East? Anecdotal evidence is not the same thing is as facts, and empirical evidence. As far as 1948, here’s what happened. The UN declared an Arab (i.e., Palestinian) state and a Jewish state. Jews accepted the partition plan and the Arabs nations (acting on behalf of the “Palestinians”) rejected it and launched a war of annihilation against the Jews. The Arabs lost and, instead of giving the Palestinians a state, decided to annex the territory they were in control by the time of the armistice in 1949 (Jordan took control of the West Bank, and Egypt took control of Gaza). The subsequent refugees – whether they were Muslim or Christian – were a result of the Arabs’ refusal to even consider the idea that a nation of Jews had the right to establish a state along side over 20 Muslim nations. As Muslim nations continue to oppress their Christian population, Israel allows unfettered freedom of Christians to worship. These are the facts. Please see our post on the increase of both Christians and Arabs in Israel since 1948.

    Finally, when Jordan controlled “East” Jerusalem they denied both Jews and Christians access to their respective holy sites there. Since Israel took control of that area of Jerusalem (after the 6 Day War), Muslims, Christians, and Jews have had access to their respective holy sites.

  6. The Guardian has published a slideshow of photographs of some worship that some Christians are able to undertake this Christmas in the Middle East.

    But strangely, The Guardian‘s Middle East does not include Israel.

    The Jerusalem Post, on the other hand, actually helps Christians to find and travel to numerous places of worship this Christmas.

  7. Yeah why don’t you do as Goldstone did and haul people up in public in front of those who would kill them if they ciriticised them and use their testimony to convict someone else.