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CiF comments of the day (fed up with Jews….)

David Goldberg’s Nov. 24th CiF piece entitled Saudi Arabia’s intolerable Saudi textbooks seemed to put CiF’s everyday Israel and Jew bashers on the defensive and, by and large, the comment thread was dominated by those who rightly were outraged by UK schools’ use of Saudi textbooks which taught (for instance) that Jews were descended from “monkeys” and “pigs” and advocated the killing homosexuals.

However, there are some – the usual array of reactionaries disguised as progressives – who are never outraged by even the most explicit display of Jew hatred.  Here are a few examples:

Jews have reaped what they have sown (70 recommendations)

When in doubt, just change the subject and blame Zionists, per a commenter named “fed up with Jews politics”

The “why let mere “evidence” get in the way of a strongly held belief” non-sequitur (66 recommendations)

The Jury is still out on whether Jews are descendants of apes and pigs (comment was deleted)

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  1. Definitely not descendants of camels goats donkeys and hyenas.

    The Saudi’s if not for their oil would still scratching the sands of Arabia for a living.

  2. Like many others I initially also took MohammedIsfahir’s comment at face value – but seeing their previous posts (e.g. on the Gaza flotilla) I reckon they were trying to be funny/sarcastic.

    For the real mccoy, however, see moretheylie, e.g.
    so do we ban all books from the shops and libraries that describe or define issues that we are not happy about .. or does this solely apply to muslims and islam?

    “Antisemitism is inexcusable.” but islamophobia is .. obviously.

    And I think that last post framed in red above was from geordieMuslim – who when challenged attempted a more “diplomatic” version:
    Perhaps i will rephrase.. if Jews don’t want to be target of all to expected hate literature, then stop supporting and doing bad things in the middle east.


    Nice ripostes from EJTS and HypatiaLee.