BUYcott Israeli Goods!!!

H/T Elder of Ziyon

To counter the boycott of Israeli products set for today, a number of groups have designated today (Nov. 30), as Buy Israeli Goods Day.

If you live in a major met area in North America, this site has a list of stores that carry Israeli products.

You can also buy Israeli made products online, at sites such as: Israeli Products,Shop in Israel or The Zionist Mall.

Start your Chanukah (or Christmas) shopping by supporting the BUYcott!

(Also, the group Stand With Us has an effective flyer – on reasons to reject the boycott campaign – you can download , here.)

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  1. @ mostly harmless

    You have a point. The border’s are there – but why not just leave out the territories?

  2. Oh shocking. The Mediterranean Sea is there too and some of the sky and all labelled BIG. I wonder …yes I wonder what that all means. Do you think Israel believe it owns the Med?

  3. Pretzel

    That mostly harmless is a double king size ass-hole is a well known fact., but you!?

    All of the continents of the planet Earth are on this map…