The Guardian’s Cartoon Analysis

This animated short is a stunningly effective reply to the Guardian’s Algonquin Round Table of anti-Israel Middle East “experts” recently put together to analyze the U.S. Embassy Cables in the context of Middle East policy – most of whom demonstrate contempt for Israel while minimizing the threat from Tehran.  The collection of wise-men included Juan Cole, whose sage analysis included his apparently serious contention that, “There is no evidence that the Iranians have a nuclear weapons program…”.   When I read the passage by Cole, the look on my face was not unlike that of the character in the video (wearing blue) in the last scene.  You’ll see what I mean.

H/T Barry Rubin and Mere Rhetoric

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  1. Of course, most of the Arab states that have been quietly lobbying the United States to do something about Iran’s expansionism and nuclear program have been been publicly downplaying their concerns and stressing the issues of Israeli settlements, so if American public diplomacy is confused, a lot of it because of the way Saudi Arabia et alia have been playing the game.