CiF Watch sends letter to the Guardian’s Reader Editor, asking for a correction to Mya Guarnieri’s CiF post

Mr. Elliot,

Regarding Mya Guarnieri’s recent post at CiF, Israeli rabbis’ racist decree strikes at the soul of Judaism, CiF Watch seeks a correction pertaining to the last sentence in the following passage:

“It could be argued that those who signed the proclamation – a group of men who are distorting Judaism to the point that I refuse to acknowledge them as rabbis – are extremists, that they don’t represent the majority. Even if that is true, it doesn’t change the fact that many are government employees. And, so far, the state has done nothing to put them in check.”

Also, note the sub-title:

“Telling Jews not to rent houses to Arabs is religious fascism. So far, the state has failed to intervene.”

As I pointed out in my post at CiF Watch yesterday, government officials have, indeed, acted and quite emphatically condemned the rabbi’s bigoted remarks before Guarnieri’s story went to print. – a fact which Ms. Guarnieri should have been aware of.

As your own correspondent, Harriet Sherwood, noted in her Dec. 2 piece, Denounced as a traitor:  The Holocaust Survivor who rents rooms to Israeli-Arabs:

  • “Now an Israeli cabinet minister is calling for Eliyahu to be removed from his post. Avishay Braverman, the minister for minority affairs, last week lodged a formal complaint with the justice ministry, saying Eliyahu’s “continual incitement against the Arabs in the Galilee harms the fabric of relations between Jews and Arabs and does not serve the interests of the state”.

The Israeli paper, Ha’aretz, reported the following on Dec. 7, the day before Guarnieri’s story appeared:

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized that “Such things cannot be said, not about Jews and not about Arabs. They cannot be said in any democratic country, and especially not in a Jewish and democratic one. The state of Israel rejects these sayings.”
  • Education Minister Gideon Saar also related to the rabbis’ letter, saying that “the Torah commands one to have good relations with Gentiles.”

Also, on Dec. 8, the day Guarnieri’s story was posted, this was published at Ha’aretz:

  • Israeli President Shimon Peres harshly condemned the rabbis’ petition, stating, “the state of Israel is composed of Jewish citizens and non-Jewish citizens, and we all have the same rights…this fundamental right is engraved in our Declaration of Independence, as well as in legislation forged in the Knesset.”

We seek a correction from Ms. Guarnieri, noting that her initial claim regarding Israeli government silence over the remarks in question was not accurate.

Please also note that, in the absence of a correction to the piece within 24 hours, we are prepared to file an official complaint with the PCC – which states the following:

  • The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.
  • A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and – where appropriate – an apology published.

We look forward to your reply.


A. Levick

Managing Editor

CiF Watch

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  1. Perhaps the new dawn will come when the Guardian sticks to the facts about Israel. These are the days of miracles and wonders after all.
    Well done Adam. Hold the Guardian, not to a ‘higher standard’ but to the standard that it calls its own.

  2. Good one Adam.

    The Guardian have been caught with their pants down, deliberately lying in order to discredit the State of Israel.

    I like the idea of reporting them to the PCC should they fail to retract. The Guardian’s ongoing campaign of denigration should be challenged at every level.

  3. And no mention of the fact that if an Arab sells property to a Jew they are likely to end up in jail or dead.

  4. I confidently predict that your letter will be ignored. I sent an E-mail on 7th December complaining of about three factual errors in Harriet Sherwood’s “Dozens of Rabbis…” article, demanding corrections be published. My mail was acknowledged- presumably automatically- but no corrections have appeared.

  5. All this writing stuff won’t sway that nasty bunch one bit.

    Contact jetBlue, Levis and others who place ads with the Guardian. Tell them not to sponsor Jew-haters. Hit the scumbags where it really hurts.

  6. The Guardian will probably say that technically the Israeli has not taken any concrete action.
    That doesn’t change the fact that Mya Guarnieri was being extremely dishonest.

  7. Kudos to you Adam-the only way to defeat this excrement is to expose and confront their lies and deception for the evil that they are.