The Guardian’s biased moderation within the Mya Guarneiri thread

Mya Guarnieri’s hideous diatribe against Israel on Dec. 8, in a piece modestly titled, “Israeli rabbis racist decree strikes at the heart of Judaism,” concerning a petition by a group of bigoted rabbis against selling land to non-Jews, attracted 316 comments – many of which rightly savaged Guarneri’s rhetorical excess as well as her shamefully sloppy journalism. (See CiF Watch’s reply)

Of particular interest was her insinuation that the racist rabbinical edict was state-sanctioned, and that Israeli public officials were silent over the matter.

A commenter named ariehnyc cited a Jerusalem Post article which contradicted Guarnieri’s claims:

And, then:

And there was this comment, backing Guarnieri’s assertions, and charging that Zionism is inherently racist – a claim, in case it needs reminding, codified as anti-Semitic by the European Union.

Evidence contradicting Mya Guarnieri’s assertions that the rabbinical edict was state sanctioned? Forbidden. Invectives asserting that Zionism = Racism?  Perfectly acceptable.

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  1. Re. the first post: I think the site rules are against people pasting in entire articles where perhaps the headline and/or a relevant quote plus the link might suffice. In this case, however, I’d say the article copied is of a reasonably short length.

    As for the second post: sorry, but nowhere do I see the poster – while certainly doing some shit stirring – “charging that Zionism is inherently racist”.

  2. pretzelberg, I wondered if the first had been removed for a copyright reason but I don’t know what else has been removed.

    The next one: that commenter really is poison.

    I arrived at the first (possible) conclusion because good comments have been left in. Fergus Quadro is a real stalwart.

  3. Look you guys, we’ve been at it for more than a year. What has changed… nothing, shum davar, gurnisht, nada, zilch.

    One thing will help and one thing only: making sure the Guardian goes out of business altogether.

    Contact their sponsors and let them know how you really feel.

    I for one am boycotting CIF until further notice.

  4. My comment stating that both the rabbis and Guarnieri were an embarrassment and asking why someone – Pretzelberg, I think – thought she knows anything about Judaism was, of course, deleted.

    Zionism= Racism – acceptable.

    Guarnieri an embarrassment to other Jews – deleted!!

    But deleting the comment does not make it less true, in this case.

  5. SantaMoniker

    Somewhat like that old dictum of English law: “the greater the truth, the greater the libel”.

    I think the reform of English libel law is being looked at.

    PS – In case anyone wonders I am not talking about law. Just illustrating a point.

  6. Apparently it is perfectly acceptable to slander or libel the ZF as collaborating with the EDL on CIF. That is a clearly imputation of racism.

    It is calculated to rile Muslim hatred against the ZF.

    That is evil.

    And acceptable on CIF, it seems.

  7. @ SantaMoniker

    Why me?

    @ zkharya

    Obviously suggesting “close collaboration” between the EDL and the ZF is complete and utter and hateful nonsense.

  8. First of all I consider your terming theseRrabbis bigots as insulting. I concur with Rabbi Eliyashiv’s comments that these comments were inappropriate and ill-timed but the fact is that these Rabbis were stating what the Torah says nothing more. The word Arab is not mentioned in the letter but “nochri” which is gentile. Whilst Rabbi Eliyashiv was against the ruling he did not dispute the validity of its contents. As you say yourself this is not the law of the land and only those who accept the authority of the rabbis will adhere to it. But let us be clear Arabs are not any time soon going to make Jews welcome in Uhm El-fahm but no one calls them racists and bigots. People living outside Israel have to understand that in Israel the religious communities for the sake of comfort not racism have not integrated Arabs feel more comfortable living with Arabs and Jews feel more coomfortable living with Jews. Consequently if someone in a Jewish neighbourhood lets his property to an Arab he does a disservice to his neighbours and will face their ire. An Arab letting a property to a Jew in an Arab neighbourhood is liable to find himself beaten up or worse.
    Consequently the article in the Guardian has to be attacked not only because of the fact that Officaldom in Israel has denounced the ruling but also because the Guardian as usual does not indicate that the Arabs follow the same rules in relatiuon to letting to Jews – go to Pisgat Ze’ev and see the “only for Arabs” signs on properties to let.