After the Wikiflop, the Guardian returns to the original recipe – articles condemning Israel

A guest post by AKUS

The Wikileaks “sensation” has flopped. Few really care. Most of what was “revealed” was known. Grinding away day after day, the Guardian must finally have noticed the yawning mouths of the dozing multitudes and decided it was time to get the punters going again. Roll out the anti-Israeli attack dogs!!

There have been – count ‘em – at least 14 articles that reference or are specifically about Israel in a 5 day period (Dec. 6th through the 10th) – almost thee a day. The obsession continues:

1.US embassy cables: Clinton asks Sudan to block Iranian arms supplies to Hamas

2. US embassy cables: Israel warns of reprisals against Lebanon in case of rocket attacks (really?! I’m shocked)

3. US embassy cables: Israel urges US to halt Scud missiles for Hezbollah (really?! I’m shocked)

4. US Middle East peace plan flounders (no! Surely not!)

5. Ehud Netzer obituary (A good Israeli – a dead one)

6. Dozens of Israeli rabbis back call to forbid sale of property to Arabs (the week’s big story)

7. Israel to allow exports from Gaza Strip to boost local businesses (The one bit of “good news” had to accompanied by a Guardian fauxtograph depicting the suffering Gazans)

(Note to the ChickenLady: I doubt these are the exports Israeli s permitting)

Finally – a couple of articles that allow comments – and did the authors ever get rubbished by the commenters, which is why the Guardian is now allowing so few to publish on CiF:

8. Israeli rabbis’ racist decree strikes at the soul of Judaism (poor Mya – thrashed again – better her than the ChickenLady, I guess the editors feel)

9. The returning issue of Palestine’s refugees (poor Saeb – ridiculed over 300 comments)

So … back to articles that do not appear on CiF! Much safer than letting the hordes of Zionist zealots tear the authors to pieces!!

10. Documentary follows 15 boys from Gaza on trip to US (Please watch it. lt tells a very different story than the Guardian intended).

11. Coming to America: Gaza boys take trip of a lifetime (same story, plagiarized by the ChickenLady)

12. Yad Vashem: orthodox rabbis’ extreme views are a ‘blow to values of Jews’ (the ChickenLady tries to save her pal, Mya and clucks to her defence with a nice tie-in to the Holocaust … ).

13. Israel offers compensation for Gaza flotilla deaths

Finally .. saving the best for last – arch enemies of Israel, McGreal and the ChickenLady report that former EU poohbahs want to do something about Israel – put a “price tag” on its activities (a term plagiarized from the settler movement, by the way):

14. Israel faces tougher line from EU after former heads call for Palestinian state

Yes when all else fails – blame the bicycle riders. Sorry – I meant … blame the Jews.

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  1. 10. Documentary follows 15 boys from Gaza on trip to US (Please watch it. lt tells a very different story than the Guardian intended).

    How so?

    5. Ehud Netzer obituary (A good Israeli – a dead one)

    Even by your standards, AKUS, that really is scraping the barrel.

    Yes coverage of I/P is biased over there – but is it really necessary to stoop so low?

  2. The New York Times is as balanced as a lead balloon.

    It’s articles have included
    – an editorial-page call by that wonderful humanitarian Qadafi for the elimination of Israel
    – a front-page article propagating the anti-Semitic, Protocols-like agenda of Charles Freeman.

  3. censorship is free

    The guardian is,simply,a hate site.

    That’s just barmy.

    Ever actually been here ….


    Dozens of articles covering countless topics.

    Perhaps you’re the kind of person who judges entire websites (and in the media world the above is one of the biggest and most diverse) based on other people’s opinions.

    Just a hunch …

  4. Dozens of articles covering countless topics.

    … with a disproportionate number oozing hatred of Jews and the Jewish state.

    But of course it’s not Pretzel’s ox being gored, so hardly even notices it.

  5. @ Toko LeMoko


    I actually feel sorry for pathetic individuals like you. So much irrational blind hatred in your mind …