CiF’s Michael Tomasky exploits Richard Holbrooke’s death to score poltical points

Richard Holbrooke, top-ranking American diplomat, magazine editor, author, and professor died today at the age of sixty-nine.  Holbrooke, in his most recent capacity as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan under the Obama Administration, was an ardent proponent of a continued U.S. presence in Afghanistan, arguing that:

“A continued U.S. presence in Afghanistan is necessary because of 9/11. That is the core difference between Afghanistan and Vietnam. We’re not in Afghanistan to build a perfect democracy. We know these were not perfect elections. But we must go ahead, we must help the Afghans strengthen their own capabilities. We’re not there to take over the country, we’re there to help the Afghans build their own capacity so that their security forces can replace the international forces over an acceptable period of time.”

Yet, CiF’s America blogger, Michael Tomasky, wasted no time attempting to score political points over Holbrooke’s death. Tomasky noted a report of Holbrooke’s last words, uttered while under sedation prior to surgery. Holbrooke allegedly said:

“You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan.”

Tomasky continued:

“If Holbrooke knew he might be dying and chose these as his last words, then they’re words the rest of us should take to heart. But it seems unlikely to end in a clean negotiated peace, the way Bosnia did, and that outcome is probably that much less likely with him gone. A very sad loss.”

Tomasky – the far left ideologue that he is – simply couldn’t avoid attempting to score political points as a result of Holbrooke’s untimely death – even if it meant attributing a quote to him (the significance of which we’ll never know) uttered at the very last moment he was conscious.

Though I didn’t know Holbrooke personally, I am familiar enough with his career that I’m certain, whatever his last words, he wouldn’t have advocated the cut and run strategy promoted by Tomasky and political fellow travelers at the Guardian.

Even the most cursory review of Holbrooke’s career shows a man without illusions, and someone whose foreign policy decisions weren’t based on juvenile platitudes about the dangers of American “imperialism” and “arrogance.”

Holbrooke’s career was a testament to a view which was idealistic – as someone who wanted desperately to end conflicts and promote democratic values – as well as quite realistic about the real, and quite imperfect, choices that the U.S. had to make. He knew that the perfect was indeed the enemy of the good.

Holbrooke was a seasoned, moderate, and sober voice in a quite ideological age.  He will be sorely missed.

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  1. Richard Tebboth, is presenting himself as friend and boon companion of General Petraeus and Freedom Flotilla sailor, boon companion of Gorgeous George.

    Watch out for him in all the movies and videos, pronouncing the blessing at the Royal wedding.

  2. Thank you for this Adam.

    The Guardian and its minions will stoop to any level to try to justify their lunatic Guardian World View.

  3. The trouble is that Mr Magrahi (sic) did not do Lockerbie and the evidence against him was concocted by your CIA and FBI.

    The real crooks were Iran and the US. The plot was a revenge bombing for IR655, which the USN Vincennes shot down and though your government was able to say it was an accident, the Iranians were not.

    So they got their revenge and you go your wretched HW Bush as President.

    My case is quite provable, but you simply won’t listen and will stick your fingers in your ears and hum until it goes away.

  4. I agree that Tomasky’s interpretation of Holbrooke’s ‘last words’ was over-hasty – as subsequent reporting has borne out. But Michael as a voice of the ‘far left’? Come off it, he’s a decent middle of the road liberal Democrat. He could only look ‘far’ to the left to someone whose own position was on the Glenn Beckian right, surely.

  5. To Charles Norrie,

    The evidence convinced a court in the UK. His attorneys were not able to disprove the evidence against him. He was convicted of the charges.

    Did your MI5 have any role in “concocting” his link to the bombing of Pan Am 103?

    Did your doctors correctly diagnose the bomber as having only “3 months to live”? Has the bomber succumbed to his illness within the carefully considered timeframe?

    Did BP win oil contract from Libya after the release of the convicted bomber? A literal Blood for Oil deal.

    Charles, are you also a “9/11 truther” and are you aware of the British Muslim group that celebrated the 9/11 sneak attack and the perpetrators as “the magnificent 19”? They know and admit that 9/11 was a terrorist attack by some of their own.

    P.S. Have you ever heard of the shooting down of KAL 007 and do you know who shot it down?

  6. Dear Thank God I’m an infidel,

    The court was not in the UK. It was in the Netherlands on territory made a part of the UK for the trial and appeal. I know, I went there. Your test of evidence is wrong. In a criminal trial the case must be proved beyond reasonable doubt. By invoking magic to demonstrate how the bomb got on the aircraft at Luqa Airport, the prosecution did not do that.

    Yes MI5 did have a role, but the original corruption is the CIA.

    My doctor’s did nothing, but independent medical assessors concluded that because he was suffering from prostate cancer, his life expectancy was limited. They never said three months.

    I stick to what I know, which is Lockerbie. I trust my views on that though like Oklahoma (Marquise), Laos and Cambodia (Shackley), the tripoli raid (Cannistraro) the Watergate break-in and the death of JFK, it stinks.

    What is the problem with your country?

  7. KAL 007 was shot down by a Soviet fighter plane after its flight computer was reprogrammed so it flew into Soviet airspace.

    The leader of the victim’s relatives group for KAL007, Mr Bert Schlossberg is an active suppressor of the truth over Pan Am 103. and must be a friend of Mr Frank Duggan.

    Hallo, Frankie