Jody McIntyre, professional anti-Israel activist, takes center stage

My thanks to Jonathan Hoffman for reminding me that Jody McIntyre is still very much in the thick of the hard left set in the UK.   When I was last following McIntyre, he was dumped from his gig as official blogger for a journal called Ctrl.Alt.Shift – the “hip” youth publication of Christian Aid.

Apparently, even the viscerally anti-Israel NGO, Christian Aid, couldn’t defend McIntyre’s ugly invectives against the Jewish state when it was exposed by The JC (as well as my essay in, believe it or not, Comment is Free).

The post at the heart of the controversy – published on International Holocaust Remembrance Day – was titled “[Shimon] Peres: War Criminal and Proud”.  In addition to the vitriolic commentary in his essay, the post included photos juxtaposing images of Jewish victims of Nazi genocide with photos of dead Palestinians, to advance the abhorrent impression of a moral equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany.  (Christian Aid subsequently apologized and removed all of McIntyre’s posts from their site.)

The latest row involves McIntyre’s encounter with police while participating in the recent London riots, inspired by student tuition hikes.  I think the pure adolescent nature of the violent protests was best summed up by the blog, Mere Rhetoric, which noted that UK students seem to believe that “stuff costs money” is a concept invented by mean adults trying to harsh their mellow.

McIntyre (who Hoffman noted, has been at several of the boycott demonstrations at Ahava, the Israeli cosmetics shop in London), though something of a professional all-purpose activist, specializes in the anti-Israel variety.  Indeed, the passages cited during his stint with Christian Aid only touches the surface of his bile.

If you puruse his blog, called “Life on Wheels”, you’ll find him defending Hezbollah, frequently accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and apartheid, and labeling the entire nation a “racist state.”  In short, he has all the ingredients necessary to be a regular contributor to CiF.

Alas, it looks like the Guardian was scooped this time.  His blog at The Independent launched today.

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  1. When I read about the activities of Jody McIntyre on this blog, I can’t help comparing him with Andy, Matt Lucas’ wonderful creation on “Little Britain.”

  2. Sergio I would agree with you readily if this schmuck merely disagreed with our points in a reasoned way. But there’s really no equivalence, is there?
    Having said that, walt kovacks also has a point. Punk shows the dismal standard of what passes for intelligence of the anti-Israel left.

    If he’s a student then heaven help the UK

  3. >jody uses a motorized wheel chair

    Many people with wheelchairs have both.

    In the footage it seems to be a folding portable wheelchair chair – the type

    And Jody?

    ISTM from reports I have seen that he is deliberately placing himself at the heart of the scuffles and willing to use his disability as a way of getting sympathy for his cause, that he incited others to turn a demo into a rampage etc (see his articles on the previous demos), that the interviewer was far too aggressive, that police probably *were* justified in moving him on one of the two occasions at least after he refused to move away from the demo, and that the incident is being exploited for a “police brutality” narrative media splash.

    I’m waiting for the enquiry though, though I won’t be surprised if he is arrested in the follow-up sweep for any number of offences.

    • Ooh, I hope so.

      Except that he’ll use the occasion to bleat even more about how he’s discriminated against.

  4. >(Christian Aid subsequently apologized and removed all of McIntyre’s posts from their site.)

    I just looked and there are 21 still there.

  5. >In the footage it seems to be a folding portable wheelchair chair – the type

    Sorry. … the type with a fabric seat.

  6. Hey Matt, they removed all of his offensive Israel related commentary. I didn’t mean to suggest that Ctrl.Alt.Shift removed every reference to him

  7. ‘Can’t you just feel the hate?’

    Can’t you just feel the schmuck who pretends to be one among Jews just so he can feel warm baiting them?

    What would you call that? Love?

  8. Matt

    I’m waiting for the enquiry though, though I won’t be surprised if he is arrested in the follow-up sweep for any number of offences.

    WE can only hope so.

    I imagine that the police will make special efforts to video his provocations from now on and, while he will remain a celebrity amongst anarchists and radical lefties, his effective ‘weight’ has been seriously diminished by these exposures.

    Perhaps, we may not see him again polluting demonstrations.

  9. He could have fallen out of that wheelchair. I watched part of a silent video of him speaking and he didn’t seem to have very much physical control of his movements.

    The police couldn’t have left him lying in the roadway.

  10. The Bible teaches that he who blesses Israel will be blessed. The policies of Christian Aid which previously endorsed Jody McIntyre’s views are not in line with this Biblical premise.

    • I imagine that they either do not know this Colin, or they don’t really care, or they are not true Christians.

  11. Colin Nevin, does this mean that they will be cursed, as will the other allegedly “Christian” organisations who propagate the lies about Israel, (y’know the ones I mean, the Quakers, Sabeel, the Methodists and the Presbyterians, as well as the twonk of a vicar who allowed an “alternative”, Jew-hating Christmas carol service at his church in the UK last year)? If that’s the case it’s not looking too good either for the Arab states either is it?

  12. Anyone who isn’t on their knees grovelling to Israeli lobbyists and politicians would be an anti-semite to you.

  13. Macca43,

    Anyone whose mind can seriously conjure up a visual of folks (politicians, journalists, etc.) groveling in front of “Israel lobbyists” has clearly accepted a narrative of the organized Jewish community that clearly draws upon classic stereotypes of Jewish control/power. Further, the fact that many think of themselves as brave for not “grovelling” is, at best, an acute case of hubris.

  14. Anyone who isn’t on their knees grovelling to Islamist lIslam4UK “we are all hezbullah” obbyists and politicians would be an Islamophobe to you.

  15. My daughter taught kindergarten for some years in an economically deprived area on the South Side of Chicago. One day she had more than her usual trouble with a very troubled little boy when he sat under her desk and refused to come out. Rather than trying in an undignified way to drag him out (which might not have been possible given that she is very small), she called security. (Yes, unfortunately, elementary schools in that area must be well-staffed with security guards.)

    Two very large men came in and tried to persuade the boy out, but they eventually gave up and carried the kid into the hall while he screamed and kicked. At that, one of her best students, a very bright girl from a large and nice family came up to my daughter and said rather shyly, “If it had been me, I would have got up,” to which my daughter thought, “Yeah, honey, it would never have been you.”

    Whatever treatment this Jody person received, and it does appear that he is vastly overstating it, he brought on himself. Disabled people do not have license to break the law just because they are disabled, and quite frankly, I have known people with cerebral palsy and if he can walk as he does he is not severely disabled. How many times have the police needed to drag YOU anywhere? I am 58 and it has yet to happen to me, and I am not much of a shrinking violet.

    He should have “got up” instead of making the police drag him anywhere. He’s a professional whiner, it doesn’t make anything he says true.

    • Hear hear, Irit.

      If this charming personage wants to be treated like any other demonstrator, he should be prepared to deal with the consequences of his behaviour, where he is disabled or not.

      And he can walk. By his own admission he climbed four flights of stairs.

  16. I must say I find this thread fascinating.

    The singular inability to understand that if you have cerebral palsy you can’t get and go anywhere, easily, is lost on so many contributors.

    The inability to use the Web and make an elementary search for cerebral palsy and it numerous conditions is frankly pitiful.

    In the age of the Internet it takes a certain entrenched incompetence not to be able to inform yourself on these matters, and is probably more egregious than you appreciate.

  17. Once more I am disturbed by the fact that the facts have been ignored. Whether Jody is Anti Israeli Govt or not, does not detract from him being bratalised by the Police, and Media.
    Don’t you guys get it – it’s not cool to tip someone out of a wheelchair taht needs it to get around. It’s savage for 4 police to deal with him. It’s absurd that the BBC interviewer implied that when he ‘rolled’ towards the police, it was a serious action that left the police quaking in fear for their life.
    My understanding is that protest (the right to appeal) is at the basis of modern democracy. No act of violence has been attributed to Jody. He is being punished for his thoughts – by thugish police bullying him. Their problem is that so many people saw it live, and it’s preserved forever. It’s flying around facebook faster than the recent explicit photos of footballers.
    What happened was wrong and it’s very wrong of Adam Levick to use this forum to pursue his obvious political agenda, not associated with the event at all. Poor form on all accounts.
    As an Aussie I am ashamed that my gutless governement enables this behaviour because they don’t protest it.
    Let me see, the Police have killed an innocent bystander at protests before and now brutilised a CP man in a wheelchair, whats next a Special Forces attack on a kindergarten, or the local nursing home.

  18. describing the British police as thuggish is just absurd and an insult to those brave enough to do such a thankless job. They didn’t brutalize him…did you even see the video? This is moral elitism at its most profound….folks who are as far removed from pressures of being a police officer during a riot as possible. Bottom line: If I attended a protest and received an order from a police officer to clear the area, I would have done so. How about you?

  19. Hi Adam,

    I did watch the video – several times; the oone where the crwod are recting to the brutal treatment being used on Jody. I have shared it on facebook, it is a truly frightening thing.
    If I believed in the righteousness of what I was doing and I thought the police were wrong – I would not move on; I would not be violent, but would expect to be arrested, placed in van and taken to jail for processing. However I would not expect to be dragged along the street, or manhandled along the way. I would expect the Police to protect me, not assalt me. The Police do have to operate within the law and social acceptance. They have killed innocent bystanders before with their same behaviours, but I suspect that doesn’t fit the definition of brutal. And the BBC did point out that ‘rolled’ towards the police – I guess they were scared.
    Moral elitism be buggered you fool. LOL. And you’re a journalist? It’s you that impuneed Jody for his views; you consider the behaviour meted out to him to be fair and just because of his thinking, his ‘dangerous’ ideas.
    I’m looking at this as a man in a wheelchair being brutalised unnecessarily by police that overreacted, were impotent in handling the crowd, and are clearly unsuitable for the job.
    However, you get to peddle your political agenda by jumping on the publicity generated by this despicable act upon a citizen by a gutless and weak male human (I can’t call him a man). You have done nothing except bemoan his leftist ideas which are unrelated to this issue.
    We live in a free democracy in Oz and I always thought the Brits did too. I hate anti-semitism, homophobia, bullying, sexism and the type of behaviour meted out at the demonstartion. Albert Schweitzer is man I admire and wish there were more like him in our current leaders to admire.
    Recently, in OZ we had a situation where our Police were very heavy handed in dealing with a 15 year old (with a kniife) and shot him six or seven times I believe. Tyler (the boy) was not drunk, or affected by drugs but he was distraught. Again, I consider these police to be brutal, and unsuitable for their job. Look up the case of Cameron Doomadgee. This Police brutality against the young and the helpless is not something I feel proud of. Yes, there are some great officers out there, brilliant guys but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the bad things done or pretend that their victims somehow deserved it.

  20. You’re right, I do have a political agenda, Aussie. My political agenda, first and foremost, opposes strongly, and without qualification, those, like McIntyre, who defend reactionary terrorist movements and seek Israel’s destruction. I find it laughable that McIntyre can, with a straight face, demonize London police for “manhandling” him (Tell me, what injuries did McIntyre suffer?) while openly supporting Hezbollah. You truly don’t see the hypocrisy, do you? I really suggest that you look at McIntyre’s blog. We’re talking about someone who, on international Holocaust remembrance day, published a post comparing Israel with Nazi Germany. Do you not agree that such rhetoric puts someone immediately beyond the pale? Apparently, you don’t share my thoughts on this, because you wake up in the morning outraged that his arrest, for violating a police order, wasn’t handled well. THIS is what outrages you? You know what outrages me? Those who can’t tell the difference between good and evil, or those who deny that such a distinction exists at all. They, and not the London Police, are really a dangerous lot. I’m sorry, but once McIntyre gave his progressive good seal of approval to Hezbollah, he no longer is worthy of my sympathy. You see, Aussie, I live in Israel – you know, the place Hezbollah and their Iranian sponsors want to destroy – so I don’t think I have to apologize to anyone for being outraged by McIntyre and his political fellow travelers.

  21. Adam, not everything is about Israel. And not everything the Israeli Govt stands for is correct and they run a fine line between both their good and evil actions. It’s a shame because most Jewish people I know are intelligent and really decent people. There are some fine elements to Jewish religion and the way it’s kept relevant and alive by some sects.
    I now have to apologise to the world for falling into your trap and allowing you to showcase your views rather than facts. Even an anti-semite deserves decent treatment from police. I don’t care that you don’t like his views. But the issue for me is the heavy handedness of the rising police states in UK, USA and Australia where citizens can be brutalised for their ideas, because prejudice and one eyed nationalism. They attack the disabled and children – If I did that I would be called perverted, and you seem to think they are hero’s.
    Adam get over yourself. It’s not always about Israel – it’s bigger than that. It’s about humanity.