Happy Birthday, Hamas! Love, the BBC (Apparently, the Guardian forgot to send a card)

A guest post by Geary

If, having committed some obscure but particularly heinous sin, you found yourself consigned to a Circle of Hell where the exquisite Dante-esque punishment was that your only source of reading is the Guardian, you would be unaware that this week saw the celebration of Hamas’s 23rd birthday.

It was however reported by both the BBC and al-Jazeera, and a comparison of the two reports is instructive.

Note that, prominent in the al-Jazeera report, was:

“Resistance group throws 23rd anniversary rally, as tight Israeli siege makes Gaza’s Hamas rulers increasingly unpopular“.

If you click on the clip half-way down, you will discover that the Al-Jazeera piece also suggests Hamas is unpopular for reasons unconnected to its impotence as regards Israel, such as police brutality and corruption.

But the BBC? Hamas is unpopular? Perish the thought. Dear old Auntie (that is, Anti-Israel) instead stresses the “tens of thousands”, the “throngs” of supporters who – of their own free will of course –  “filled the streets of Gaza” to watch the festive green balloons and listen to the tinny martial music and hear how, “Hamas leader Ismail Haniya says the Islamist movement is committed to Palestinian national reconciliation in order to fight the Israeli occupation”. How noble! But, any thoughts instead of making peace with Israel for the good of all? Thought not.

So where was Harriet Sherwood during all this? Still basking in the glory of her trenchant piece denouncing the brutal conditions of confinement of Israeli chickens? Not in the least. Here is our irrepressible intrepid reporter on the Guardians “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” page – always at the heart of the action – recounting an 18-month old story of how Hamas police closed down a rap gig.

In Gaza you dance only to the tune of Hamas – at least if you’re the Guardian or the BBC.

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  1. Unfortunately the hilarity that greets your latest epic Geary, is caused by the gap between the grim reality of the Hamas regime that guns down people who celebrate a wedding with music and the light-hearted celebration discerned by the Beeb with its eyes & ears shut tight.

  2. “tight Israeli siege makes Gaza’s Hamas rulers increasingly unpopular”
    For many months every articale regarding the Israeli blockade claims the Israeli blockade is ineffective and is only making Hamas stronger.
    I also comment that the truth is every poll and survey suggest that the support for Hamas in West Bank and Gaza is decreasing because of the blockade.
    Lets see if someone other than al-Jazeera will be willing to speak against that silly leftish consensus that no matter what you do against terrorist it will only make them stronger.

  3. Very good piece Geary which is acutely observed.

    Once can expect little else from Hattie the Hen, can one, although I do think she could have reported on Hamas’ latest charm offensive (apparently the smiling didn’t work – it gave children nightmares) of handing out chocolate to Gazans (see

    Puts me in mind of a variation on the Marie Antoinette theme:

    Hanniyeh: Why are people collapsing in the street?

    Official: The people are starving. They can’t afford bread at the Hamas mark-up prices

    Hanniyeh: Well, let them eat chocolate

    (And I bet it was well past its use-by date).

  4. Hamas …. handing out chocolate to Gazans.

    Odd. Surely chocolates are un-Islamic? First, they’re not mentioned in the Koran and, to make things worse, they’re fun.

  5. Aha, Geary, you don’t catch me out so easily – smiling is an indication (when Islamists don’t do it) that people are having fun, and in the Humpty Dumpty land of Islamist rules and regs, the goalposts for what is and is not acceptable are very moveable to say the least.

    Probably one swivel-eyed imam in the pay of Hamas told them they were allowed to smile and and that Mo ate chocolate.

    Hamas reminds me of little children in the school playground trying to buy friendship with sweets. Hamastards really are developmentally stuck at that age, although of course they are infinitely more dangerous.