Swedish writer wins “politically correct idiot of the year” competition for blaming Stockholm suicide bombing on Islamophobia in the Guardian

This take down of Henning Mankell’s piece today at CiF was posted at Robin Shepherd Online.

Just sneaking in before the December 31 deadline, I think we have a winner for the 2010 Politically Correct Idiot Of The Year competition. Writing in today’s Guardian (where else?), we have the celebrated Henning Mankell, crime writer and dramatist. He is assessing the motivations of Taimour Abdulwahab, the Islamist terrorist radicalised in Britain who self-detonated in Stockholm last week, but thankfully failed to kill anyone but himself. What is so impressive about this piece is its all round, no-stone-left-unturned, right-from the get-go, cretin-level stupidity.

It all begins with the headline, and the subheading explaining that headline: “Stockholm bombing: We need action not just words to prevent it happening again“. And now the subheading: “In the wake of the Stockholm bomber, all of us Swedes must unite against Islamophobia“‘

If it looks like a dog, smells like a dog and barks like a dog, chances are it’s a dog. But this is no ordinary dog. This is the Hound of the Baskervilles.

The first two paragraphs simply sum up what happened. By paragraph three he is ready to outline his thinking:

“This is the first suicide bomber in Scandinavia and I am surprised that so many are – surprised. It reminds me of when the passenger jets crashed into the towers in New York. I never understood the surprise that followed. Wasn’t this exactly what we had expected? A situation where the extreme, the desperate and the furious attacked the western world that for so long had humiliated Muslim countries. An attack that would be understandable but nevertheless wrong and worthy of condemnation”.

Just ponder on those concluding words: “understandable but nevertheless wrong and worthy of condemnation.” It’s the quintessential statement of western grovelling: “Please don’t hurt us, please! But if you do, we quite understand. After all, you’re only doing this because we provoked you into it.”

Read the rest of Shepherd’s post, here.

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  1. The recipient of this high award of course was one who displayed his brilliant understanding of contemporary politics by sailing on the Mavi Marmara.

  2. Gerald
    you shouldn’t mock poor Henning – after all he had his socks stolen during his time in custody of the evil Israelis – men have been known to crack under lesser mistreatment.

    Is anything known btw of whether the soldier who had to transport those evil garments to the garbage bin was awarded a medal? Judging from the sodden state Mankell was in when receiving the press in audience after the event in Berlin the stench must have exceeded that of a heap of slaughterhouse remnants rotting in the sun for ages.

  3. This isn’t political correctness, it is a mental disorder..Along with this dubious distinction we might as well throw in a few sessions with a shrink.

  4. It’s funny, I used to like his books with their miserable old whatever-he-was Wallander.

    Now while Henning Mankell writes nonsense like this his alter ego(?) has very unhappy thoughts concerning immigrants in Sweden.

    We gave them royalty, land and vast riches and that made them extreme, desperate, furious and humiliated.

  5. Ariadne
    judging from his post-Marmara performance in Berlin he deserves the title drunkard of the year.

    There have been other drunks on TV but he looked dishevelled, unkempt, unshowered, un-cared for, slummy. and he wasn’t so much drunk but suffering so badly from the “afterglow” that he made even YouTube smell.

    Sorry you liked his books, I know how it hurts if one is disappointed by another one of them. It is like losing a friend and strangely enough, at least for me, enjoying him, separating the two somehow doesn’t work anymore.

  6. Alcoholism might explain his dual character if he has the dualism I suspect. Wallander sees his country going to the dogs in much the same way people see that happening here.

  7. Ariadne – his books were broadcast here for TV with Kenneth Branagh playing Wallender. They were utterly boring. He himself is a liar and pretty clearly anti-Semitic.