The Guardian continues to ignore escalation in southern Israel

Since the publication last week of CiF Watch’s special report on the situation in southern Israel, further escalation has occurred, but a search on CiF’s Middle East sectionas well as the Guardian’s World News, Israel, page – this morning shows a total absence of any attempt whatsoever to inform Guardian readers of these significant changes.

Yesterday, Israeli media outlets buzzed with the news that Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi had reported that two weeks earlier a Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missile had been used against IDF forces patrolling the border with Gaza for the first time. This is the same type of missile which was used by Hizbollah against Israeli tanks in the second Lebanon war of 2006 and which is thought to have been supplied by Syria.

A Kassam rocket exploded near a kindergarten in Kibbutz Zikim at 8:00 am on Dec. 21, injuring a 14 year old girl.

On the morning of Tuesday, December 21st, catastrophe was narrowly averted when a Kassam rocket exploded near a kindergarten in a kibbutz close to the Gaza border just as the children were arriving. We are, of course, grimly familiar with this tactic of targeting educational establishments at crucial times of the day as used so often by the terrorists in Gaza for many years now.

The day before seven mortar shells were fired into the region surrounding the Gaza Strip and on the Sunday night, four mortars exploded near Ashkelon. In the three weeks since the beginning of December, thirty-one mortars and five Kassam rockets have been fired at civilian targets in southern Israel and the number of border incidents has doubled.

We can search in vain for the Guardian’s outraged article about the targeting of pre-school children peppered with references to International Law and Geneva Conventions.

We can sit and accumulate cobwebs waiting for Harriet Sherwood’s ‘human interest’ story on the psychological effects of years of living in the shadow of Islamist terror upon Israeli civilians.

We can look forward to the CiF expose of the smuggling route of weapons from Iran, via Syria, to Hizbollah and then to Gaza in much the same way as for years my little sister was convinced every birthday that she would awake to find a pony tethered to the end of her bed.

If this current escalation continues and gets out of hand, Israel will of course have to respond forcefully at some point in order to meet its obligations regarding the protection of its civilians.  To the millions of Guardian readers throughout the world this will of course come totally out of the blue, just as Operation Cast Lead did at the time, because they will yet again have been denied the background knowledge which is so essential to a complete understanding of the difficulties facing Israel.

One does not have to be proficient with a crystal ball to know that the result will be a barrage of anti-Israeli sentiment and opinion which the Guardian will have helped engineer by means of its deliberate neglect of the obligation to “fair and balanced” reporting from the Middle East.

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  1. as Michael Oren once said long before Cast Lead, one day they’ll hit a kindergarden i.e. they are aiming at achieving what Israel by all means possible is aiming to avoid.

    but let’s all just look forward what our I-as-a-Jew Fraudster from Argentine has to say – “enjoy” it but don’t click i.e. don’t help him to develop his “web-presence”.

  2. im sorry…but if the last incident had occurred in the states and that rocket had originated from mexico…today, mexico would be back in the stone age

    nuke gaza….the world be damned

  3. walt kovacs
    “nuke gaza….the world be damned”

    you’re a big man when it comes to advising other people to murder women and children….

  4. The report about this attack on Ynet mentioned almost in passing that this was one of over 200 (!!) missiles and mortars that have been fired into Israel this year.

    This latest attack is presumably hamas’ attempt to derail the peace talks by forcing a massive israeli response that would make it politically difficult for the PA to continue discussions with Israel – even though we now from Wikiflops that they asked Israel to retaliate against Hamas.

  5. Never mind the Guardian – I didn’t read about it in the Telegraph either or hear about it or see it on the BBC.

    UK media is indifferent, unless Israel has taken the action.

  6. zippi gazel

    that’s truly exciting news from you

    I can’t quite believe it and look forward to your giving your source i.e.

    They have come up with nukes which kill only women and children, WOW

    if they can do that then they most certainly have other nukes that kill only grown up men preferably those who smell of gun-powder

    Discerning nukes, now who would have thunk, it sounds even better than programmed sharks or camel piss to cure eye troubles.

  7. “nuke gaza….the world be damned”

    What the hell…? I thought only Palestinians had the ideology of murder-suicide.

  8. andrew r, you forgot about the islamofascist regime of iran and their hidden imam, 12th imam murder-suicide ideology.

  9. Peace means ”Shhhh don’t disturb that nice terrorist while he aims a rocket at your brother. It’s his right to shoot”

  10. howdy andrew r

    are you the same andrew r who regularly swoons while reading the stuff of I-as-a-Jew Fake Ibrahim?
    the same andrew r who has recently told us he is into learning Hebrew now?

  11. andrew r – You actually THINK??? Well, I am gob-smacked! I thought you were an antisemitic/anti-Israel automatic bot or hologram.

  12. The difficulty with nuking Gaza would be that southern Israel would be contaminated. Israel needs really smart bombs. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

  13. Of course there’s nothing antisemitic about implicating every Jew in the world in an act of racist murder, which is what you want.

  14. for a short time, a very short time, I thought that andrew r posessed a bit more operationable grey matter than I-as-a-Jew Fake Ibrahim. I found out my mistake only too soon.

    Now he is into learning Hebrew? why?
    scholarship? if yes than scholarship is in worse shape than I thought.
    Aliyah? that might be a good one, reality has proved quite often quite good at getting brain cells in operating shape again
    Ability to up the slander? – sorry to say but that’s what I’d put my bet on

  15. Google translate:

    All I want to say to you, none of the above

    wow, andrew WANTS to say something to me, that’s better than having been awarded a medal –
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    But to me he WANTS …
    – there are more things between heaven and earth … (translation mine)

  16. Silke

    Given your German origins, it’s particularly distasteful for you to cream your knickers at the prospect of hundreds of thousands of innocent incinerated human beings.

  17. In my opinion the best long term solution would be for Israel to dislodge Hamas, annex Gaza and restore the rule of law. Preferably with international support, but without it if necessary.

  18. Matt whatever Israel does now is interpreted negatively anyway so it might as well throw the terrorists out of Gaza into Egypt, which knows how to deal with them, and restore the marvellous hot-houses we used to have there. The sadly neglected and beautiful beaches will be welcomed as a new centre for holiday-makers.

  19. Moody
    that’s a real feeble attempt
    you gotta practice a bit, your buddies in mind who like to assemble at I-as-a-Jew Fake Ibrahim’s do a lot better than you

    taking my German origins into consideration you no doubt would find it more adequate if I’d “cream my knickers” at the prospect of thousands of Jews getting killed.

  20. andrew r, that attempt at Hebrew was most amusing.

    Here’s a hint:
    In general, translating word-for-word results in absolute nonsense in the target language.

  21. ?למה אינו דרך זה לומר אותי
    דקדוק חשוב לא פחות ממילים
    And yeah, you can’t say כמה דבר to mean ‘something’, I know that.

  22. I’ve got it !!!
    andrew r is learning Hebrew so he can watch and understand the latest Latma as soon as Israelis can and doesn’t have to wait those agonizing extra hours until the one with the English subtitles shows up.

    Their latest is out and I have to wait – terrible, nobody knows the troubles I see

  23. Israel is the only country on earth that is expected to sit in silence when thousands of rockets rain down on our heads.

    And when Israel wages a war in self defense that war is expected to be with zero civilian casualties.

    Wars are fought till the losing side decides that it had enough and accepts total defeat,only in the ME the losing side dictates terms to the victors.

    In the next war,and there will be one sooner than later ,the enemy should be ground into dust,no cease fires.

    Cease fires are called only when Israel is clobbering the enemy.

    If ever Israel loses a war there will be no cease fires.