Amnesty International “Action File” Dies “a Martyr” in Afghanistan

This is cross posted from the blog, Sad Red Earth, by our friend A. Jay Adler.

Back in May I wrote about Gita Saghal and her eventual resignation from Amnesty International because of its unseemly association with Moazzam Begg and his Cage Prisoners organization. You can catch up on that story here, too. Now, Harry’s Place reports on one of the AI and Cage Prisoners poster boys, Abu Rideh, a UK resident who was under a restrictive “control order” from 2005-09, until AI’s “action file” campaign was successful in winning Rideh’s release.

Mahmoud Abu Rideh

According to HP:

CagePrisoners, whose Director Moazzam Begg believes that “securing the release of Muslim prisoners” captured during jihad is “obligatory” on all Muslims, devoted significant campaigning resources towards this case.

A few days ago, The Daily Telegraph reported:

Mahmoud Abu Rideh, 39, was said to have been closely associated with the senior leadership of al-Qaeda, including its deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and former leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, along with Abu Hamza, the radical preacher.

He was allowed to travel to Syria in September last year after promising that he would not return to Britain.

But an Arabic jihadi web forum associated with al-Qaeda reports that he has become a “martyr in Afghanistan” and was with a group of fighters when he died, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

HP gives a full account of what AI had every reason to know about who Rideh was. My May post was entitled “The Future of the Human Rights Movement.”  For a movement as resistant to self-examination and altered behavior as any nation its organizations report on, that future continues to look a sorry one.

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  2. Moazzam Begg’s alibi for being in Guantanamo is that he was ‘building a girl’s school’.

    In this interview, Begg makes it clear that he worked on this school with Abu Rideh:


    The Telegraph makes it clear that the school was built to teach girls in Arabic. Why? Because their fathers were visiting Arabs who were “some of the world’s most wanted men.”

    In other words, Begg and Rideh were building a school for Al Qaeda kids.